Thursday, May 16, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Writer's Challenge day 23 (technology and gadgets)

Today’s Prompt:
  • “I wish this gizmo could track my condition!”

It seems like every day there is a new device, website, application, or program that is implemented to help you track and hopefully improve your health. Easier said than done when it comes down to the reality of utilizing those new newfangled tools. Technology and social media are supposed to make life easier. How has technology helped you in your own life? What does ease of use mean to you? How do you envision technology fitting in to your life to help track your health? How would your life change if there were less or no, social media involved?

well... I would like a device that would show my "spoon level" , my temp (as well as my fever trends), and my inflammation levels even pain levels so that I could effectively plan my day in advance....

Basically get up and test my blood (like a diabetic would their glucose levels) and it would tell me all of the above so that I would know if I could "do things" or if I needed to "rest and save spoons" I would kow if the fever spikes were coming (although I do kinda know when they are coming by now) The weather is my unknown can mess up any day...that and exerting too much energy on one thing might put me in bed the rest of the day... if we had a meter of some type to monitor that we would know when to just "chill, do "quiet" activities with the kids or when we can actually play chase with the kids...if that makes sense...

well, social media and technology as I said yesterday in my top 10 must haves (here ---->dragon slayer top 10) are vital to those of us with not only Adult Onset Still's Disease but any rare disease because like with AOSD there are so few of us (0.00006% of the population) that chances are without the internet we would never encounter someone else with our disease in our lives... it is just too rare... the internet made it possible for us to "find others like us" as well as research on our media makes that we can have real time conversations with other dragon slayers around the world all day everyday, not only have we "found others like us" but they ar now part of our everyday lives and we truly become best of friends even though many are on the other side of the world... I could not imagine having AOSD and not having internet or social is what keeps me connected and sane plus just as I am blogging right now about AOSD it is how I get my voice heard in the world of health gives me hope for more awareness and research

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