Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Writers challenge day 14

Today’s Prompts:
  • Thank a few of your fellow Health Activists for what they have done.  Call them out by name or twitter handle.  Share your love.

There are a few people who have inspired me, lifted me up, educated me and been an essential or key person is pushing me to become the advocate I am today. In this particular illness there are not many health activists, simply because the number of people who do not have still's but who know about still's is relatively small (if that makes sense) Many people get so wrapped up in their own battle with the dragon it never occurs to them to become part of the bigger picture and find a way to make a difference to create the change you's not that they don't care...they are just too busy fighting their own dragon to fight other's dragons as well..
There are 3 who really stand out for me that I have used their various blogs, websites, support groups and personal wisdom over the last few year. First off Is Patricia Boerner (aka Melly) who is president of the International Still's Disease Foundation. Melly has told her story a thousand times over to inspire the newly diagnosed, holds your hand as you walk through the early stages of this disease and helps you find your own individual path. She is the driving force behind the foundations support groups, is always available to talk 24 hrs a day on a hotline number and is the person that gave me the nudge to accept this writing challenge because she knows that awareness means everything to me. click here for the foundation's website----> ISDF

Next up is Caroline Jephcott, Caroline is such a huge role model for those of us with small children. She not only has had Still's most of her life and overcame many obstacles in her way she has a blog for disabled parents with great tips, support and articles. Our son's are only a few weeks apart in age, she and I re learning this together with the new road blocks that are thrown in our path that happens sometimes when your toddler can do something that you personally can not do because of your disability, this happens for Caroline on a more regular basis that most, but she never let's it bother her she is an amazing woman and a huge advocate for disabled parents around the globe. you can see her blog here---->disabled positive parenting blog

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