Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Challenge day 22 (my top 10)

Today’s Prompts:
  • Write about the things you couldn't live without – list 10 things you need or love most.
 Make a list of the 10 things that you need or love most. Once you've made your list, think about how the items on it have changed over time. How does the list you just made compare to a list you might have made before your diagnosis, or perhaps to a list you might have made as a kid? What’s still on this list after all this time, and what items have you realized aren't as important anymore?

Actually, I know my 10 must have items have changed DRASTICALLY over the last 5 years...some things that are must haves now, seem so simple to most and others are things some have never heard of... so here it is

The dragon Slayer's top 10......

1) My meds- I guess  this goes without saying but... this would be the number one must have for me at all times...without my meds I am not able to be mommy, wife, daughter, friend, meds make it all possible

2) computer/internet- this is my lifeline to the world. I am home bound because of my immune system and get out very seldom , my disease is so rare that even if I could get out there are no real life support groups because we are scattered all over the world... my computer is not only my social life, my only link to others with Adult Onset Still's Disease, it is how I research my illness, how I advocate for myself and others, I do most of my shopping online, it's how I get my beloved subscription boxes, it is my voice (this blog)

3) lip balm- again, seems simple...but my meds dehydrate me so my lips not only get dry and chapped by if I don't keep my balm nearby the will start to bleed... I used Lypsyl for many, many years and never thought I would switch. I have recently started using a balm by Olio Luxe (vanilla shine) and I am very please with it and notice I actually use less than before with the same results

4) lotion- again, my meds cause dehydration so I need to add much mosisture and hydration back into my skin as possible. I keep lotions with me at all times, usually within reach (just like the lip balm) Currently I am using a moisture stick instead of lotion by Deep Steep because I am trying to go the natural organic route as much as I can with more and more items (if you have never tried a solid form of lotion product, I highly suggest them...they come in several varieties and various brands... I am enjoying the stick because of my hand issues) I may never go back to liquid lotions again (for myself anyways, I still use the honest company lotion on the little guy)

5) My Smart Phone- I think most people in this day and age would have this on their must have list, but on days that I can't sit at the computer, or my Kindle Fire is too heavy for me to hold my smart phone (android for me) is my everything, my computer, my kindle, my notepad, my video game, my son's learning device, my camera, my photo album, address book, calendar  appointment book, and of course my phone, this is my constant companion!
6) Microwavable comfort wrap- this is like a heating pad but oh, so much this is handy for anyone at all (especially for cramps) but I use it for muscle tightness as well as to get warm, help circulation and to keep my joints from getting stiff in the cold. This is a multi use item that I use all the time for various reasons, one of the best gifts I ever received. If you are reading this thanks Cassie, I still LOVE it!!!

Earth Therapeutics® Anti-Stress Microwaveable Comfort Wrap

7) hot bath with Epsom salt- Again, seem so basic but this is the number one way to get quick relief (it isn't long lasting but it is quick and effective) besides who doesn't enjoy a hot soak in the tub with a good book (or in my case with my smart phone)

8) E- Cigarette- I guess this is self explanatory... I get the "joy and satisfaction" of smoking without the "smoking" my doctors hate so much... I have smoked since I was a teen and I quit smoking easy as could be with an e cigarette...although I am still trying different brands and flavors to find the "perfect" fit for me...any suggestions or recommendations would be great (I am only a couple weeks into not smoking but without the E cigarette it would not be possible)
9) Warm Fuzy socks- My feet stay cold and turn purple from circulation issues associated with my various illnesses...warm fuzzy socks help tremendously, a quick, easy, med free fix...and cute and comfy too

10) Citrus Zinger- Up until a coupe months ago I went through A LOT of plastic water bottles every day (as in we bought a case a week) the citrus zinger is a reusable water bottle that has a bottom compartment that you put fruit in and it infuses it into your water as well... I love this so much and get so many comments on it...this particular one is the original version and was designed just for citrus fruits but I prefer berries in mine...eventually I hope to get the upgrade called aqua zinger to use because it is made to handle all fruits(until then I will mash my berries and put them in the citrus zinger)


  1. 1)Medications: Perscription medications an pills, 3 injectables, vitamins, herbs, pennsaid and Flector patches.
    2)Medical supplies: thermometer, glucose meter, in-fared mineral lamp, oxcimeter, blood pressure meter, anti-pressure point chair,
    3)My family: to help me cook, clean, do laundry, see doctors, make me smile and my husband for his undying love and support. Laughter.
    4)Prayer: my inner strength and coping skill.
    5) My computer and phone to keep me connected and shopping!
    6) My easy chair / recliner that's super soft and cozy.
    7) My doctors: rheumatologist, general practice doc and my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbologist and Acupuncturist) especially.
    8) Entertainment: Things to occupy my down time. TV, movies, Books on CD, things to read
    9) MY BLANKIE!: a soft cozy zebra print or peacock print one. It's my soother since I was little when I don't feel well.
    10) Crafts / Joys: beadwork, jewelry, knitting, nailpolish, SPARKLES! More stuff you can do stitting!

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