Thursday, May 9, 2013

WEGO Health Activist Challenge Day 15

Today’s Prompts:
  • Comment! Pick someone else’s blog post and write a comment to them. Write that comment as your post for today and link back to them to let them know you were inspired.

Ok, this will be much harder than you think... I am a couple of weeks behind in this challenge as mentioned at the beginning so I actually can't "link in with others in the challenge" that easily as the event page on WEGO is now closed and it had the list of bloggers participating and what their blog URL was... I know a few people entered late like I did.... I am hoping some archived will give me the link to someone still in this stage of the challenge....if not somehow I doubt it would be "proper" for me to link up with my favorite blog (Ramblings of a suburban mom) even if it DID inspire me...because it inspires me to BUY BOXES...not be a health activist (you know the OTHER part of my blog) OK off to find SOMEONE still in this stage of the challenge...

OK, so I found the original "even' from WEGO and spent a good deal of time looking through various blogs... I ran across one that really touched me and screamed awareness and is the type of thing I would like to do  so I chose LAlupuslady for my link up you can see her blog here----> LA Lupus lady

and here is my "comment"......

Hi there, my name is Kimberlee (otherwise known as the Dragon slayer Mommy)

I am doing the WEGO health activist challenge (but a couple weeks behind so just now on day 15)

anyways I am posting here because

 1) your blog is a huge inspiration for me... I have a very rare disease and I have made it my mission in life to increase media visibility for  Adult Onset Still's Disease and seeing you with that purple cape and outfit just lit up my world... I have to figure out a way to bring that kind of awareness for AOSD and my fellow dragon slayers

2) if you remember on day 15 of the challenge you had to make your post a comment on someone else's blog and "link up to it" so that is exactly what I am doing with this post... I know I am a little blog and I am an unknown with an unknown illness but I do hope my little "link up" does get you a few new visitors and helps you spread your message about Lupus...

I hope you are having a pain free day with no flare in sight 


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