Sunday, May 19, 2013

WEGO Halth Activist Writer's challenge day 24 (wordless Wednesday)

Today’s Prompt:

  • Create a Pinterest board for your health focus.  Pin 3 things. Share the image.

 I already had a pinterest for chronic illness so I just used 3 images and moved here (I am not tech savy enough to know how they got a whole board on their page.

Still's Disease Resource Page - According to the International Still's Disease Foundation, Still's disease is a rare and often misunderstood disease which strikes both children and adults. Still's disease is a form of arthritis that is characterized by high spiking fevers and evanescent (transient) salmon-colored rash. Still's disease was first described in children, but it is now known to occur much less commonly, in adults (in which whom it is referred to as Adult-Onset Still's Disease).Thanks for what you think is help but even my doctors have been wrong. A kind word is always appreciated but telling me your cousin has similar problems and still works just makes me feel even more worthless.Not Standing Still's Disease

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