Saturday, May 18, 2013

Verdant Tea May welcome box (free trial box)

Verdant Teas offer several different monthly "tea of the month clubs" the free trial offer is for their "classic" tea of the month club. It is easy to cancel if you decide to do so, so really there is no risk in going for the free trial. 

Classic includes 3 teas, with enough tea for about 30 tasting sessions, and an info sheet with tasting notes, brewing tips and folklore on each tea. Tea of such high quality can actually be brewed for many infusions, meaning one brewing session gets you about four cups instead of one. That means up to 120 cups of tea each month for just $30!

This shipped in a plain brown packing box so I did not include a picture, as I am sure we all know what that looks like (although I did take a picture so if anyone wants to see if just ask and I will post it for you)

As with most subscription services Verdant Tea includes an info sheet that lists out the specifics of the teas included as well as "steeping" tips...who knew I was making tea wrong all these years, also each tea included has different steeping instructions (who knew it mattered that much?) ...

The teas came in three separate multi serving bags of loose leaf hand cut teas (they estimate that each bag will make 4 cups of tea) This is just the free trial so there is not as much tea in this box as one would usually get in their tea of the month box ...this one makes a total of about  12 cups of tea, but the monthly club box is about 120 cups of tea in each box..

OK, let's look at the teas I got..

  Mrs. Li's Spring Harvest Shi Feng Dragonwell Green- it is described as yielding a sweeter, creamy and ricer brew since it is picked earlier in the spring than most

Spring Harvest Sun Dried Jingshan Green- it is described as being warm and soft with a linen like texture

Mrs Li's spring harvest shi feng dragonwell- it is described as sweet, nutty, crisp,rich and complex

it appears all three teas are from the same plantation (is a tea farm called a plantation? I don't kow)

I will admit all this tea talk confuses me (the three teas description and steeping instructions took up an entire 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper in small font) 

My oldest daughter is the tea enthusiast in our house, and she is over joyed at getting these teas, so although it is lost on me she can appreciate how great these teas are... I am a coffee person,but this type of tea is toatally up her alley

the link to get your own free trial is here---->Verdant Tea free trial offer

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