Sorry for the delay on posts

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I am sorry for lack of posts on the blog this weekend, I have had a rough few days... 

I will catch up on box reviews and pick up where I left off on the health activist challenge... 

this is the last week in my infusion month which most of you know if very tough on me as my meds from last month have worn off already ...

also I have a great deal of "other" stuff going on between a family member having major surgery, planning my son's b day party and some additional drama...

it's just going to be a VERY difficult week until my infusion on the bare with me and I promise I WILL get the box reviews up in the next 24 hours (I started on it but realized my photos were not very good at all so I need to re shoot everything) 

I currently have The Homegrown collective, Stork Stack, Care Free Crafts, Crave Box, and Olfactif currently here and needing to be reviewed (I have the reviews typed but need to re photograph them) 

I am expecting Innoscents, GoBites, and a couple others this week plus this is the week for my scheduled Graze box review (which will be fun to compare it to GoBites) 

 obviously I am 3 days behind on my Health Activist Writes challenge and I will as I said just pick up on day 12 where I left off (although most reader of chronic illness blogs are used to illness delaying posts)

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