Friday, May 31, 2013

Raven Hollow Candle Company review and giveaway info

I have been waiting on my Raven Hollow package to arrive to share it with ya'll... although this is not my first purchase from Raven Hollow candles, it is the first time I have done a review of these yummy warmer tarts.
Raven Hollow is an all natural and non toxic soy candle company that offers candles in various sizes, warmer tarts (like scentsy bars), and scent beads. The Owner Ada also puts together some of the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen.

This is how my box came wrapped when I pulled it out of the mailer package. Isn't it pretty...I had told her what scents I wanted and that I would like it to be pretty and in a gift box (no extra charge for packing) As I said above, she knows how to make these boxes beautiful so they make a great gift as well.
This is the box that my goodies came in, I love that Raven Hollow creates unique one of a kind boxes and packaging for their creations and product bundles... this is something that you could very easily give as a gift just as it is...just send it and know that your gift recipient is going to get a hand crafted, beautiful gift box as well as top quality candle products.

The first look into the box, I have to tell you at this point the smell is making my mouth water. I had ordered all fruit type scents and all mingled together it was a heavenly scent. This box contains 4 warmer tarts and a bag of scent beads.

Honey suckle & Peach -  this is a nice fresh scent that to me smells more of honeysuckle than peach (although I do smell both scents in there) This pretty much remind me of a spring day from my childhood.

Lemongrass- OMG, this is amazing... I have been a fan of the lemongrass scent for a longtime now from another company and this one is just "more" is the only way to explain it... This is the scent I will use when I am cleaning and want the house to smell "clean" if that makes sense... I absolutely love this scent

Blueberry Dreams- this is yummy smelling and I really don't know how else to describe it but it is much better than I had expected (was my first time getting this scent) I think it is a new favorite... this scent simply puts me in a good mood is the best way to describe it!

Green Apple Orchard- I saved the best for last...I can sum this one up in four little words...GREEN APPLE JOLLY RANCHER..... This is actually what is in my warmers right now and my house smells like a jolly rancher...kind of takes me back to Jr high... This is a family favorite

This bag of delicious smelling scent beads is  the "love magic" scent...not gonna lie, I don't know what it is "supposed" to smell like but I do know I love it...  I can't decide where to put it... at the moment it is in my closet and I love walking in there and being "hit" by this intoxicating smell., but I think I may move it to the car... I would love for my car to smell this yummy...maybe I just need to order another one....

I have 3 cats, 2 dogs and a toddler...every nook and cranny of my hose needs scent help and that is being "kind" ...fact is my house gets kind of smelly... I love that Raven Hollow Candles are all natural, soy and come in a very wide variety of scents (and chances are if she doesn't have it if you ask she will make it) I also think by now most of you know I like to support small indie companies and Raven Hollow fits that bill as well, Ada the owner also has the same rare disease that I do...BUT, my biggest love of Raven Hollow is because it is really the best value for my money...period...what ya'll don't know is my sister sells Scentsy and I still buy my warmers from Raven Hollow because not only do they smell better, last longer but it is cheaper even paying the shipping costs... believe it or not this box you see above cost me $10 plus $5 I got 4 warmers, the scent beads AND a beautiful keepsake gift box for only $15.00...not even the "sister discount" can beat that...but honestly, this is the best smelling candles ever!!! Raven Hollow runs new specials all the time so you are sure to get a great deal, they list the specials for that week on their Facebook page so make sure to "like" them so you know what the current special is!

Raven Hollow Facebook page

Want to know the very best part? I have decided to giveaway a Raven Hollow Sampler package to one of my lucky readers... stay tuned for more details on how to enter!!!

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