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Pampered Pink Box review (new monthly subscription box)

I don't think It is any secret that my passion for smaller indie type subscription boxes is growing larger and larger. Not to say I don't still love the Pop Sugars, or the Birchbox's of the sub box world but I find myself searching for new undiscovered boxes...that are small and "home grown" so to speak... Unlike many sub box fanatics, I welcome the thrill of the unknown and risk of a upstart subscription box company (or any start up company really) and have started actively looking for them now instead of waiting on someone to review one first..

So that is what lead me to my Facebook search of subscription boxes when I found The pampered Pink Box. you know I ordered it pretty much right away. The website I ordered from is just a blog, but I found her on Facebook and followed the links.

This was the backside of the business card in the box, I just LOVE this saying.. I often feel "yucky" and need some help feeling pretty especially on chemo days.... I am thinking I will love this subscription with an attitude like that (I signed up for 6 months already, this is the first of the 6 months) 

This is the first look into the box, wrapped up nicely and neat... I am a sucker for details...

This is a delightful smelling foaming bath butter scrub by Pura Gioia in the fragrance Elana's Blush. This is what Pura Gioia has to say about this product on their webpage 
NEW!! Ultra Premium Shower & Bath Gel ~ “Elena’s Blush” was custom blended especially for Italian Beauty, Elena Marati as her Signature Fragrance. A soft, sweet, deliriously heavenly blend of blooming ginger, jasmine petals, tiare, and island fruit with a dab of pinemint.  When asked to describe the scent – she simply said:  ”Pulito”.  As you lather up – you will see what she was saying….
Pulito means, “Clean” in Italian ~ and sounds so pretty when she says it that we have asked her to be our spokesperson for Pura Gioia!  She accepted and blushed!

I must say this stuff is amazing and moisturizes as well as it smells. I have already bookmarked the webpage to go back and order a full size version and try out their other products as well... a perfect treat for any mom! here is a link to their webpage --> Pura Gioia, and as most small business they do more interaction with the public on their Facebook page it seems so here is a link to their facebook ---> Pura Gioia facebook

Smash Cosmetics "Bahama"- this is a mineral eye shadow is a pretty shimmery shade of blue. Although I do not typically wear colors like this my self, my oldest and middle daughters both do so I will be passing this onto one of them. It is a good size deluxe sample and is very highly pigmented (I got some on my hand to test the color) let me tell you a little goes a long way and it has some major staying power. I would guess this sample would actually last a few months or longer. I could not locate this company in a quick google search (Smashbox cosmetics kept coming up. I will email the owner of pampered Pink box and ask for a website for this item so I can post it here for ya'll.

Pampered Pink "strawberry champagne lip balm" - my obsession with lip balm is well known at this point. Being that lip balm is one of my weaknesses I actually applied this as soon as I opened the box and saw this sitting in the box (it was calling my name) It feels nice on, has a nice smell but no taste (which is fine with me) It does have a box of a waxy feel to it , but no so much that I think it would keep me from using it but it was enough I thought I would mention it just in case you are someone that is particular about that.

this is a shimmering whipped creme' for the body in "ocean" scent. I can not read the name of the company that makes it (not even sure it is on there)
I typically do not like "body glitter" type lotions, but I did try this one for the sake of the review and surprisingly I liked it...the shimmer is more of a glow instead of a "glitter look" that I have avoided, so maybe I should give a few of these shimmer lotions a chance since I ended up liking this one.

This little jar came inside a plastic wrapper so the actual label is on the plastic, but I removed it from the plastic so you can see the little tub so this is what it actually looks like from the box.

Skin 79 VIP gold collection BB cream- I am not a big fan of foil packets in most sub boxes...the exception being when it is an indie sub box like this pampered pink petite box is. I understand with smaller companies you will get some samples like this and in this case that is OK with me. I will happily give this BB a try the this weekend.

GUD from Burt's Bee's natural body lotion-orange Petalooza blood orange flower.
Although I am a big fan of Burt's Bees I did not know they had this line so I am happy to get this and it smells GREAT... I will be looking for this next time I am getting Burt's Bees items.

Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and conditioner- says it smooths and adds vivid gloss to the hair. I could use help in both those areas and I am always happy to try new hair products (right there with lip balms for me) So this will be used for sure.

I very much enjoyed my first pampered Pink petite box (it comes in two sizes, although I do not think the larger item is for sale yet as this is the first month for this indie box company)
I am glad I went ahead and subscribed for 6 months already and look forward to my future boxes and also can't wait to try the larger version of this box when it is available for purchase.

The cost of this box starts at $15.00 a box, but the price drops on a multiple month subscription.

A couple of things to note that also set this subscription box apart is that although I am doing a multiple month subscription and got the price "discount for multiple month subscription" this subscription does not make you pay the full subscription upfront and you pay monthly (but still get the lower price) Also Pampered Pink box accepts Paypal which I Know for a fact some ladies on the subscription box Facebook groups were looking for some  boxes that accept Pay Pal

To my knowledge there are not any discount codes available nor is there a referral program at this time, but again this is the first month of business for this sub box...those things come later... I do think this is a really great box for the money. I found a new company that I already plan on purchasing from in the future with the  Pura Gioa sample and that is a great thing to see from a box the first month out.

Click here to be taken to the webpage for The Pampered Pink Box -->Pampered Pink Box

and click here to go tho the Facebook page for the pampered pink box (as with most smaller indie boxes most of their customer interaction is done on Facebook ---> Pampered Pink Box

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