Sunday, May 19, 2013

Olio Luxe Lemongrass Dead Sea Mud Masque review (individual product review)

This is an up and coming Indy company that focus on all natural skin care. I have been following the journey of this small creation on Facebook for awhile trying to decide if I wanted to take the plunge on a box that I haven't see reviews of and an unknown company. (I don't even remember how I stumbled across it at this point)

I finally decided to just go for it after a few very positive interactions with the FB page and seeing some happy customers post on FB about their products. Olio Luxe is not just a sub box company they also have a complete line available for purchase on their website OLIO LUXE.

One of the small personal touches that I like so much (but scares some people from what I have seen on the bigger blogs) is that although you can purchase the product line through the web page you have to contact Amanda directly (the creator of the line and I must say a very sweet lady) She wants to know about her sub box subscribers personally so she knows what their individual concerns are as well as your preferences.

As you all know by now I have several autoimmune illnesses that among other things cause rashes , sun sensitivity and very sensitive skin...and that is the number one reason OLIO LUXE appeals to me. During my texting "consultation" with Amanda I mentioned my auto immune issues and my concerns  she mentioned that she too has some auto immune problems and that was what drove her to create this line. I can tell she is VERY passionate about her work.

I have fallen in love with ever thing I have tried from the Olio Luxe Line, and my May Olio Lux Subscription box is on the way so I thought it was about time I review a couple products I ordered last week 

The First one I tried was the Lemongrass Dead Sea Mud masque because it is the best seller and I was loving the smell when I opened it up....very lemony ... honestly reminds me of lemon scented pledge and cleaning as a young girl.... smell does bring back some of the most random memories....

Ok, so this was too easy mix 1/2 teaspoon of the masque with a couple drops of water to make a paste. Apply to face in a circular motion. 

I let it sit for about 15 min, then removed with a hot wet towel (just like a spa experience) I immediately applied Rose Gold Luxe facial Oil after drying my face.... OK, I should get serious points for photos of me with this on my face (on a chemo night even)  posted for the whole world to see 

As you can see after removing the masque and appying the  Rose Gold Luxe facial Oil my skin looks great (especially as I am past 40)

Onyx felt she needed to be part of this product review...she wouldn't stay away, I finally gave up...everyone , meet Onyx she is one of my medically fragile "twins" she and her litter mate Maddy have liver shunts so they are kind of spoiled... she wanted to be in the picture and nothing was stopping here is my little furry diva Onyx

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