Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nuance collection by Salma Hayek a Birchbox special edition box

About a month or so ago I received an email from Birchbox explaining they were releasing a special edition box in mid May that would be a limited release and offered to those who were selected free of charge. If I wanted to be considered for the box to click on the form and submit it for consideration (I do not remember much more than that, what I filled out and how they decided who received these boxes are a mystery to me)
I of course read the words "free, "Birchbox" , and Salma Hayek". I do recall looking up her line breifly  to see what it was.

I really did not think I had any chance of receiving this box (I just don't have that kind of luck usually)

So when this pretty red Birchbox was waiting for me in my mailbox I was super excited, I knew immediately what it was since I had already received my May Birchbox and I know that they do not come in red boxes...this was a "special" box... I had actually got the special release box...YAY!!!!

The inner box inside the shiny red box was very pretty, white with a pretty pattern. I actually have plans for this little box because it is durable and lifts up nicely (more on this in a later project)

The product information card included with this delivery explained  how the Salma Hayek line came into existence  I was pleasantly surprised to read that she actually based these products on her grandmother's homemade beauty recipes and actually was involved in the real product development instead of just endorsing the product as a lot of celebrities do these days. Also that the skincare line was available exclusively at CVS instead of a high end department store therefore making it more accessible to the general public.I am super excited to get the opportunity to try these out for myself.

the flip side of the information card of course lists the individual products and explains them in grater detail just like all the other Birchbox information cards I have received.

My Secret super Moisturizing Body Cream (full size) $14.99- this is a Shea and honey infused lotion, that smells light, fruity, and very much like summer. It is a thick rich lotion that absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue...perfect for my dry skin.

Mamey Fruit Volumizing shampoo & Conditioner  (2 ounce bottles) The full size bottles are $7.99 each. 
I completely admit I had to Google what mamey fruit was (Mexican winter fruit that looks kinda like a cantaloupe  This shampoo/conditioner set is supposed to boost body, stimulate hair growth, and make hair soft and easy to manage...ummm...they had me at stimulate hair growth, my hair is in sad, sad shape that's to chemo treatments and I could use all the help with hair growth I can get and some added body would be great since as it gets thinner it has less body...  I am thinking I may LOVE this stuff...

AM/Pm Anti Aging super Cream (0.265 ounces)  full size is $ 19.99-  This super cream uses Tepezcohuite (yep, Goggled that one too) It is a antioxidant rich Mexican Tree extract that it a great moisturizer, it also has Vitamin A and E. This feels great on, light and non greasy. I didn't even realize I was had it o, which is nice because a lot of "night" creams are heavy and make me feel all greasy and gross so i was it off before it can work.

Lights, Camera, Action Trio (Full Size) $ 8.79 This super handy little tube has an eye shadow, eyeliner, and highlighter all in one place. Very bag friendly and perfect for short getaways just throw this, some powder, gloss and mascara and you are ready to go. I seldom wear eye makeup other than the occasional mascara but when I do it is always earth toned colors and lucky me this brilliant creation is the perfect shade of brown for me.Seriously why have more companies not thought of this idea... It is a wonderful design!!!

I was thrilled to receive this extra special surprise from Birchbox this month and feel super lucky to get the opportunity to try the Selma Hayek Nuance line for free. I can honestly say that I doubt I would have purchased these items prior to receiving them to try out, but now that I have them in my little hands I really am enjoying them. The shampoo and conditioner smell especially amazing (I will admit I am shallow enough to put fragrance at the top of my must have list for hair products) , the lotion is the perfect scent for Texas summers and will be my daily after shower "go to" lotion and likely my "signature fragrance  this summer as it is nice enough to take the place of a regular perfume especially since the lotion, shampoo and conditioner all compliment each other and work well together in a very light lovely scent. I love that it is available at CVS so everyone can find it and it is super affordable as well... I really can't find anything negative to say about this at all.