Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Wittlebee Box (boys 3T) with discount code ($10.00off)

For those who don't know Wittlebee is a monthly (you can pause the service anytime you want) kids clothing club and they send clothes based style / color / size preferences. The service caters towards kids 5 and under and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Wittlebee costs $39.99/monthly plus 5.99 shipping charges for a total of $45.98 every month now (boxes have a retail value of $100)  The box comes with 6 items of clothing (as of mid March you now can choose 3 of the items yourself from the "showroom" and their stylists pick the other 3 items. You can also request that the stylist still pick all 6 of the items if you prefer) I choose 3 items and had 3 picked for me. Wittlebee has had some growing pains recently simply because their "boxes" sold much faster and had many more subscribers than they had anticipated. Through it all Wittlebee has maintained customer service up until a month or so ago, when they announced that Wittlebee would no longer have phones for their business at all...that's right you can't call them with issues... customer service and things are kinda up in the air right now since the CEO Sean Percival announced just this week he was leaving Wittlebee because they couldn't get funding... it is up to the board of directors if they will continue to operate as if nothing changed... Hopefully customer service will pick up...or better yet...fire them all and start over with people who haven't been mean and spiteful about customers being shorted on their orders, receiving duplicates on their order, were charged one that one for the same order, charged for a box on a cancelled account... yes perhaps the board of directors is going to address THESE issues first...people who had their accounts banned because they asked to many questions on their Facebook age so they emailed they would no longer do business with them....OK, enough about how they got to wear they are financially....because really, I typically LOVE my boxes, this one not as much but it is still a REALLY good box...but customer service is the problem over there.

Threadless T- "Danger from ARRRGG"  in 3T.... we love this T shirt in our house, but already have one. See the review from last month (that's OK though WB has a group affiliated with them specifically for buying and selling WB item within the price ranges we paid for the box (items max at $8 each, a set for $16 plus appropriate shipping) so I will get my money's worth

Violet +Moss by Kate Quinn Organics 2 piece set in 3T (this one we are also selling because I think it would not look good on my very pale toddler with almost white blonde hair) this does not mean I don't like these sets... I actually have 2 hanging in my closet in different colors that we love...

Brown Wittlebee pants, we are not overly happy about these...but we will find something to do with them...either PJ's or cut them off and hem them up for shorts...no one in the swap groups want them either

Lion Patrol, which is made by sage creek organics new brand earth patrol (has both tags)  this is also a 3 T and I am in love with it...and after seeing my pictures many others on the swap group are now looking for one as well

Rugby shirt by sage creek organics with cute markings on both front and back of the shirt...love this shirt, so does a lot more ladies in the swaps groups 

this was everything in my May Wittlebee box... I did not do a normal type value of  this box since I am heavily trading with the Wittlebee sponsored group (which means all items have an $8 value on that site no matter what it is or who made it Threadless T is the exact same as that Kate Quinn Organics so this time I will not do real life values since the ladies I trade with will be seeing this review.

As of right now I am being told Wittlebee is in fact still in business, all orders placed will be honored and filled...as I explained above I typically like the clothing items and if it is something that just doesn't work for us I can trade it in the WB swap group. 

I WANT to love this box service, really I do... my hope is that with the CEO leaving since they say they are staying open that the many, many complaints from customers over recent months will be addressed

If you would like to sign up for WittleBee Click here for $10.00 off your first WittleBee box

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