Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Tasterie box

The other day, I got my first Tasterie delivery. I was completely shocked at the size/amount included. I received the "classic Box" and it really was two of the normal tasterie boxes taped together with packing tape and sent as one huge box of healthy yummies.

Tasterie is a monthly subscription box that specializes in "food allergies" , they have 2 different boxes (snack box $18 and the signature box$25) box boxes are available for purchase in 12 different "allergy  restrictive profiles,vegan option,Gluten free, or just healthy living" I chose the Healthy and Nutritious Signature box , but made a note I was open to gluten free options as well.

this was my first look into "box one", as it came with two boxes, box #two was not wrapped pretty, just contained the yummies )which was completely fine with me. I would like to point out that the "main" box with the pretty wraping and message from the box creator was an adorable shade of blue.

first look into the second box of yummies

Just thought I would point out the aqua and pink on the sticker (obviously I love this combination since my blog is this combination)

Beanfield's Bean & Rice chips in Pico De Gallo flavor 1.5 oz- $1.63

Brother's Fuji Apple Crisps (1/2 cup)- $1.17

Udi's Gluten Free Soft N' Chewy Cranberry Almond granola bars with omega 3 (5 ct box) -$ 5.65

Farmstand Soup Co. Yukon Gold Bean & Beef Stew Mix 13oz- $5.24

Sam Mills Gluten Free Granola Buckwheat & Millet with Nuts  12 oz $4.78

 Eden Brown Rice Chips  wheat free 1.7 oz (2 bags) $9.56

All totaled my tasterie classic was valued at $ 28.03, and the price for the box is $25.00. I used a coupon awhile back that gave me 50% off so I got the box for $12.50  so I defiantly got my money's worth. I actually was very very pleased with this box. This is a box that I would certainly continue to purchase at full price. Although I "can" eat gluten, as with any inflammatory disease I "should" limit my gluten intake. I don't think I knew of any of these brands before I received this box and I certainly did not know that Gluten Free food  were so GOOD... I love the box of Granola, we eat it every morning with our yogurt, the granola bars are very good as well and make for a great breakfast or afternoon snack. I will be making the Bean and Beef Stew later this week.

My kids have enjoyed all the "snack chips" included and over all I think everyone in the house was happy with this box.

I think tasterie is a mush have for a family dealing with food allergies or food restrictions because they do offer boxes that cater to almost every allergy or combination of allergy you could think of...

click here----> Tasterie, I do not see a referral program link but if they happen to ask how you heard about them if you could please put Kimberlee Parkhouse in the box that would be greatly appreciated

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