Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Paw Box

Paw Box- Is a monthly subscription box service for your puppy babies "Receive four to five luxury product samples from high-end brands every month, then simply register to create an account and subscribe to receive your first PawBox. Fill in your Pet-Profile to help us select products to complement your pet requirements." The cost of this box is very reasonable at $10 a month, $30 for 3 months and $110 for a year (one month free) 

I decided Miss Liberty Bell (Libby) need a box of her very own (she 
is my 2 yr old boxer and still very active and what I would call an "extreme" chewer. Although I have 2 dogs and 3 cats Miss Libby tends to need a little more attention than the others (boxers are a very emotional breed) I thought perhaps getting a special treat that was "just hers" would be nice (no fear, the other furry kids also get boxes from elsewhere)

First look...I love the tissue paper in these cute is that (you know I am keeping it for gift wraping) just wanted you to see this...for a $10 box I really do like their presentation...

Second first that I have removed the adorable wrapping and info card from the items in the box...

Info card that lists all the items in the box and tells about them
Fresh Dog Oatmeal Shampoo- "A wonderful moisturizing shampoo. Natural colloidal oatmeal and pure extracts of sweet almond oil, coconut, and echinacea combine for an aromatherapeutic experience that calms, cleans, and soothes" I am very excited about this item, first off Miss Libby needs all the calming items we can get, secondly it smells amazing in the bottle so I imagine it will on her as well, thirdly as I am starting to move our household to "all natural", organic and chemical free options I had completly forgotten my furry kids so this was a reminder (anyone know of all natural kitty litter that works well for multiple cats?)

Merrick Grammy's pot pie sausage: Merrick locally sources all of our farm fresh ingredents to ensure that the highest quality for all of our recipes. Your dog will go Wild over our Grammy's pot pie sausage" ... I included a "front and back view" so you could see the actual snack it's self...this looks like it is a real sausage stick. I haven't given this to Miss Libby yet (saving it for a storm, and it just so happens we are expecting storms this evening) I like that it is fresh ingredents and looks like food instead of mush or shaped processed stuff

Toy of the month- that is what the information card said so I assume some people got other items. Obviously we got a plastic squeky ice cream...although it was cute (adorable actually) it was a cheap toy...very was "broken" within the first 10 min as she was able to chew through it that quickly...that said once she broke it to the point it wouldn't squeak (not really a bad thing maybe) she has played with it without destroying it further...but I still consider this a dollar store quality toy...and although I would buy some toys at the dollar store for my furry kids I don't want to receive them in a monthly sub box, ya know?

Halo Spot chews, mint and pumpkin- " made with love! give your pet a satisfying treat with the ingredents you know"... see this is the type of thing I want to get in a monthly sub box...all natural treats that I have never heard of before...much better

Earth rated poopbags, green dispenser: - this includes the dispenser and bags, looks like it will clip on to a leash and says it can be fitted into other standard although this item does not work for us (our yard is 3/4 an acre and I am home bound, dogs seldom go on walks...but sometimes Miss Libby does go into town with hubby or the princess to shop at petsmart or tractor supply co. so we would need these then so I will just throw them in the car) I am sure some people who live in the city, go to dog parks, live in apartments, jog with their furry kids all would love this item so I can see that it is a good thing to have in a box even if I personally would rather have had almost anything else.

 This is a look of the complete box for May

Ok, so let's talk value (you notice I did not do a price breakdown) now this is only a $10 box every month, and a couple months ago I used a coupon that I got the boxes for $5 each.... so yes, I got my $5 worth... I was very disapointed with the ice cream toy, but last month's toy is still going strong so I guess that is hit or miss...and honestly could happen with any pet box as I have a "extreme chewer" but I do stand by the statement that it seemed like a dollar store toy...other than that I was very happy with the items...all items I have never see before,,and things I was mostly excited to try ... just as last month I noticed an emphasis on more natural type products and I like that...also I notices that both months there was a "calming" items included which is a HUGE selling point with Miss she is my "xanax puppy" 

What do you think of the May paw box?

Here is the link to the website to order , there is no referral link and no discount code right now (((sorry)))

PawBox website

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