Monday, May 27, 2013

May Olio Luxe Box

Olio Luxe arrives in a padded Pink envelope usually (I have also received a padded teal bag) 

For those of you unfamiliar with Olio Luxe This is an up and coming Indy company that focus on all natural skin care. I have been following the journey of this small creation on Facebook for awhile trying to decide if I wanted to take the plunge on a box that I haven't see reviews of and an unknown company. (I don't even remember how I stumbled across it at this point)

I finally decided to just go for it after a few very positive interactions with the Facebook page and seeing some happy customers post on Facebook about their products. Olio Luxe is not just a sub box company they also have a complete line available for purchase on their website OLIO LUXE.

One of the small personal touches that I like so much (but scares some people from what I have seen on the bigger blogs) is that although you can purchase the product line through the web page you have to contact Amanda directly (the creator of the line and I must say a very sweet lady) She wants to know about her sub box subscribers personally so she knows what their individual concerns are as well as your preferences.
I have not only subscribed to Olio Luxe's monthly goodies, but I have also been ordering various spa/beauty products to try in addition to what comes in the monthly subscription offering (I also review the individual items purchases on this blog) I have been very pleased with every single item I have received so far.

This month was all about "I heart Olio Luxe" and included new products in the subscription packages for the subscribers to try before it would be available for purchase in the online store.. For me it was all about a relaxing evening at home, when you can't get away to a spa sometimes it is nice to just pamper yourself at home and this month's offerings were made with that in mind...

When I opened my pretty pink package this was what I found, it is a bit different that the usual collectors box that is included with the Olio Lux monthly shipments. As much as I love the little boxes (seriously wasn't last month's flower pot box  not adorable?) I am sure that the cosmetic bag included this month is much more practical for the vast majority of customers.. and honestly I did need a new bag for all these samples I get in the mail.

Olio Luxe's Spice Tea body wash and bath scrubbie. I love this scent,the lather and how my skin feels afterwards... I am very , very happy to see this added to the Olio Luxe line up and hope to see more bath products in the future. I know that other subscribers are always giving this rave reviews since receiving their May box...the ironic thing is I was considering the lip balm in spice tea but wasn't sure what it smelled like and then this arrived (struck me as funny) Now I am certainly ordering it my next order.

This is a Chamomile Calming Eye Treatment Serum and I am crazy about this stuff... It is so soothing. not only do we all need a good eye cream/oil this one also seems to soothe my allergy eyes... my eye area gets puffy and red  this time of year because of my allergies and this is quite soothing. and it certainly had me looking much more rested and refreshed that I actually was this weekend which is a nice thing to have around since I usually only get about 5 hours or less sleep a night... I am ready for this one to be released for purchase and I have already seen many comments from others on the Facebook page wanting to purchase this one as well (I hear it will be in a roller ball type applicator and glass container)

This little "Dream Pillow" is a lavender sachet meant to be slipped under your pillow at bedtime to help relax you and help you fall asleep... as most of you know I unfortunately spend a bit more time than most in bed at times... this dream pillow not only helps with sleep as it is intended, but the smell also helps be relax and de-stress when I am resting, reading, or watching TV in bed... such a simple though and it means so much once again Olio Luxe anticipates the needs of subscribers in all areas and helps us to achieve total relaxation.

Also included was an adorably packaged shower cap, although I haven't opened this yet I plan to use it the next time I do a mask treatment. Perfect for putting hair up out of the way not only for showers and baths, but for a whole list of facial treatments.... and I absolutely LOVE the packaging for this!!!

I did not do a total value breakdown for this month's Olio Luxe box because as these are new products not yet available for purchase and Olio Luxe exclusives there was no way to "price" the items..Olio Luxe values this month's collection at $50, and I can see that...

The subscription service from Olio Luxe are only $22.00 a month or you can even order one box at a time for the same price for those who do not wish to commit. I do believe that Olio Luxe delivers a great value on their boxes...for just $22.00 you get a great deal of pampering and even the "trial" sizes last a long time... I know April's trial of Rose gold luxe oil has lasted me about 6 weeks already and I still have about 1/2 left and I use it twice a day every day if that kind of tells you how much is in the "trial" size items plus there is always full size items as well.

Olio Luxe is my absolute favorite monthly subscription (and I get a LOT of boxes) Give it a try , you will NOT be disapointed if you do... not only the monthly subscription , but also the individual products for purchase.

Olio Lux website----> Olio Luxe homepage

Olio Luxe Fcebook page --->Olio Luxe Facebook Page

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