Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Olfactif box review

I received a whole lot of boxes in the last few days (just wait, reviews will be coming fast and furious).  Included in the mountain of boxes was my first Olfactif box. 

Don't know what Olfactif is? That's OK I had never heard of it either until about a month ago..Olfactif is a first-of-its kind subscription-based fragrance discovery service. We are people who love perfume and the power of scent.Each box is $18 BUT the big incentive here is if you purchase a full sized perfume (from the current month's box) Olfactif will refund you the cost of your box that month.

OK...so let's see the box...

product information card

cute little pull out box

The perfume samples

OK, let me start by saying I took a LOT more pics of this, but it just didn't show up on my camera for some reason and the princess had already taken one of the perfumes that I didn't care for (Debut) so I couldn't "re shoot" the pics

I really didn't know what to expect form this box as it was just launched last month and I had not seen any reviews... I went ahead and requested the "free trial" box because hipping was included so the cost was 100% free (and I do not think I even had to give CC info at all) Considering there was no risk involved I gave it a shot..and besides it's free perfume, right?

The box held 3 standard sized perfume samples (althugh I did see on their Facebook page that starting next month the samples will be more than double the current size...my guess is while the boxes were free they used the smaller ones and will go to the large ones once they start charging for the service)

I liked the fact that these are not your "average" perfumes, but Niche' perfumes that are handcrafted...

This month's box included the following...


DEBUT- Lily of the valley is traditionally given on May Day in France as a gesture of friendship and luck. The flower itself is a study in contrasts: at once lushly white and sparkling green, with a sweetness both cool and creamy. Début, from Parfums DelRae, is DelRae Roth’s elegant creation that takes the study in contrasts deeper by pairing this feminine flower with the masculine scent of vetiver. The result is a masterpiece that shows many faces throughout its development, all of them graceful. Début is compelling in the literal sense: Its outstanding longevity compels the wearer to bring the wrist to the nose over and over and over again.

Ineke Rühland’s After My Own Heart creates an olfactory echo of the lilac festivals held around the world in the month of May. While essentially a linear soliflore—meaning that its aim is to capture the scent of a single type of flower—it takes gentle turns from green to purple sweetness, then from purple sweetness to creamy woods, never straying from its photorealistic nature. Of all three scents in Fleurs de Mai, this is the one that brings people’s memories to the surface. Anyone who has experienced a lilac bush in all of its May splendor will smell After My Own Heart and find themselves both transported and grateful.

Given its list of notes, Cinabre, by Italian perfumer Maria Candida Gentile, should not hold as many delightful surprises as it does. But such is the alchemy of perfume. It is a shape-shifting rose—incorporating May rose absolute—that announces itself with an attention-grabbing blast of warm, gingery peppercorn. The opening truly conjures the color of the perfume’s name: the deep, brick-red of cinnabar. Moments later, a medley of roses rushes to the foreground to soften those wonderfully razor-sharp edges until Cinabre is powdery pink air. Just when you think it's done, vanilla and myrrh rise up to round out the composition, leaving behind a deep, smokey sweetness that creates a wholly satisfying contrast to everything that happened before.

I was absolutely CRAZY about After My Own Heart, and had intended to purchase it, but the full price bottle is $95 for 75ml...which actually isn't TOO bad all thongs considering but just more than I can spend on perfume right now considering I am stuck at home everyday other than Dr appointments... I LOVE it but will have to wait until perhaps my anniversary for this.

My daughter really liked Debut', ...she would, I don't call her "the princess" for nothing...it is $135 for 50ml...if she wants this one she will have to get it for herself or ask Santa for it.

I also really liked the scent of Cinabre, just not as much as I LOVED the other one... the cost for this one is a staggering $185 for 100ml...

I really do want to get a bottle of the After My Own Heart at some point, since it is an unusual scent that is not readily available and highly unlikley you would ever encounter someone wearing this scent... I would LOVE to make this my "signature scent"

Surprisingly this IS a box i would like to receive regularly (I really didn't think I would) Since the company has already said the product in the boxes will be a little more than twice as large going forward these would actually last a long time...especially for someone like me who doesn't go out much.... perhaps I should put this into a "rotation" and get it every 3 or 4 months or so

Here is the cost breakdown for you and a link to the website---->Olfactif Website

How much does a subscription cost?
Subscription are available in three options:
  • Monthly: $18/month, cancel anytime 
  • 6-month: $96 (equal to $16/month) 
  • 12-month: $108 (equal to $15/month)
Prices include everything in your collection and the cost of getting it your door. Plus, each month you'll automatically receive an $18 credit to put toward a full-sized bottle of a fragrance during the month it’s featured. (Yes, really.)

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