Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Love With Food (FREE box)

This Month's box was "Mother's day , breakfast in bed" I will admit that not all of the items were things I would consider breakfast foods, but as usual overall I was pleased with my box.
For those who don't know Love With Food  is a great snack box subscription that delivers "great food for a great cause". The cost is $12 a month ($10 + $2 shipping) for a box full of gourmet food items, none of which have I ever seen before so far. A Great thing about love about Love With Food is that they donate a meal to a hungry child for each box they send out, so you are not only giving yourself a monthly treat box but also donating a meal every month. They also offer a points program that you review the items you've sampled for points to later redeem for your favorite food items (just like birchbox)

This was my first look into this box (and I am way behind on this review it actually arrived on the 9th of May, so it does arrive earlier in the month) I always eagerly await this little red box of yummy since it is my first food box of the month and I love anything to do with food.

"2nd " first look with the info card and such removed, how DO they fit so much in this box?

Tomato Crunch from snack crisps - "Fresh tomato slices are gently dried to a crisp texture, making it a tasty addition to breakfast sandwiches" I gotta admit I didn't read the card and I tried these as snacks on their own and thought they were pretty gross...perhaps if I had used them as suggested I would have enjoyed them ...that is what I get for not reading the card before stuffing my face

Mrs. Mays all natural snacks (these were the "mystery item" on the info card...I got the coconut almond crunch- These were very yummy, I have seen other reviews of the different flavors people got (actually I don't think I have seen anyone get this flavor besides me) they all looked pretty good... I will be looking for these in all the varieties for a healthier snack for us

Great Full Cookie from the cookie department, Inc- "with simple vegan ingredients like sweet potato, brown sugar, cranberries, and oatmeal, this mouthwatering cookie will make you feel full and happy"... OK, I was kinda scared of this cookie just because the idea of "healthy" cookies go against all my southern upbringing and cooking experience...that being said I LOVED this cookie, it was very large, in fact the little guy and I shared it along with cashews and fruit for our breakfast one morning and he devoured it as well... I have already decided we will be adding these to our breakfast routine

Strawberry Preserves from Bonne Maman- " made from a time honored french recipe with all natural ingredients that could easily be found in your grandmothers kitchen"... I haven't tried this yet, but I love the size of this sample (I know a lot of people don't like the little jars, but I really like them a lot) perfect for a weekend breakfast for the family , just the right amount.\

Latte Candy from Bali's best- "from seed to cup to candy, real arabica coffee beans flavor this hard candy with a creamy milk center"... I really like the flavor of this candy, but would have prefered a complete hard center as well...just a personal preference...but I LOVE coffee so I was gonna like this no matter what
Hand Drippe coffee from coffee Borsa- "be your own barista! Follow the package directions to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of single-orgin coffee"- I actually haven't tried this yet (shocking, I know) it kinda scares have to fold things a certian way and the packet becomes the brewing system... I am sure it isn't as complicated as I ear it will be...I just need to "do it"

Authentic Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari- " Inspired by grandma's handmade italian biscotti, this authentic baked good features locally sourced ingredents"- I think I have shown a great deal of restraint in not eating this YET... I plan to eat this with that hand drip coffee above...perhaps today when the llittle guy naps...

Orginal cajun seasonings from "slap ya mamma" -"legend has it that this spice makes food taste so good that it'll make you want to "slap ya mamma"... So far I have kept this hidden from hubby...he will use it all on the first thing he sees... I actuall have "plans" for these little time I make fries these are toatally gonna be the seasoning on them...

I guess I didn't take a "group photo" with all the items this month my defense this came in the day my dad had his bypass surgery and it was almost 11PM  by the time I got home after getting up around 5AM..lioke a good little blogger I opened and took pics that night and "palnned" to do the post at the hospital the next day, but obviously it didn't happen that way...

So what did ya'll think of the May Love with Food Box? I will admit it wasn't "wow" for me...although as I was typing the review I did realize I liked the box better than I orginally thought...that biscotti IS full size ya know...

So, I know you are looking for a discount code to get this box at a steal... and you know I can help ya oput with that (don't I always) "FBGIFT" will get you this box for free , only pay shipping of $'s that for a deal...

This is the link ---->Love With Food website, remember to use code "FBGIFT" to get the box for free (pay $2 shipping)

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