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May Healthy Surprise Box (new subscription box alert)

So , I am guesing most of you are saying what is this "healthy surprise" what has this crazy women ordered this time... this is what the website has to say...
We send you a box filled with the best snacks on the planet every month. Each box is filled with an assortment of different kinds of snacks including bars, fruit, nuts and seeds, kale chips, raw chocolate and all kinds of other tasty snacks. Each month you'll receive a new and different snack from one of our great snack partners.
I discovered this yummy box of healthy heaven sent goodies through a deal on Plum district unlike many of the offers on Plum District it wasn't a voucher you purchased then redeemed it was just a flat out coupon for $20.00 off this subscription box of yummy healthy snacks... you know me, I jumped right on that the second I saw it. 
I have recently become almost obsessed with transitioning my home to a greener, organic home...everything from household cleaners to the food we eat so this box was perfect for my new adventures in learning to enjoy healthy treats and finding the ones my family and I enjoy.

This was my first look at this Healthy Surprise Box. It was wrapped up just like a Christmas gift,,, it was almost too pretty to mes up, Almost but it had to be done...

I would not typically include a "box lid" in my review, but this was more a mission statement (or at least that was my perception of it) and really I think this is what sold me on this box. You all know I love to support small start ups and Indie companies anyway... I just love the difference it makes when someone is passionate abuot what they are doing and I think that is shows in your final products whatever that might be...just like that pretty wrapped stack of snacks .
The letter on the box/mission statement whatever you want to call it had a paragraph that just REALLY jumped out at me and sold me on this box before I ever tasted the was written by Joe Winke Chief snackologist, and CEO...

"Despite all of our knowledge of health and farming, we're eating worse than ever. We have the best medicine, yet people are so sick! I couldn't figure out what was wrong until one day when I was starring at a menu and I realized I was looking for the "least worst option"  That's not what life is about  Let's find the "best great option" Every time we eat should be an opportunity to improve our health"

As someone who is chronically ill with an autoimmune disorder and on chemo for the erst of my life this really hit home for me I guess...there are many theories on why autoimmune disease are becoming more and more prevalent in today's society and one of those thoughts are things like the foods we eats and the chemicals we have in our lives...which is why I am slowly moving to a green  organic home.. this box just seemed to literally land in my lap at the perfect time in my life...

That's it bar-  value $1.67 this fruit bar was comprised of 1 apple and 10 cherries...and that was it..I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very good. I wanted a little "crust" around it at first because I was eating it with my morning coffee, but I soon got past that and just enjoyed it for the simple fruit that it was. I will be looking to purchase these (just in the other flavors since the Princess is allergic to cherries and I typically do not have them in my home)

Raw Bar-chocolate suicide flavor value $3.00- the 'Raw bar" brand is pretty good, and taste like "real food"  and are much better than your average "energy bar" which I personally will not eat...I have tried them in the past when drug reps would drop them of for the medical staff to much on before I became unable to I was familiar with this brand, but it was oh, so not what I remembered or expected. I guess in the past I had not had the chocolate suicide bar... I can best describe it as a chewy granola bar type bar (but with flax seeds which I love) , dark chocolate chunks, fruit (pretty sure it was cranberries) and nuts (perhaps walnuts ) whatever the combination it was Delicious and super filling. In fact  as I was eating this for my breakfast with my morning coffee little Tuff Stuff woke up so I gave him a hunk of it while I made his breakfast and he asked for this raw bar filled me up even while I shared with my 2 yr old with a healthy's a win/win

Journey Sesame Ginger bar value $1.83- I haven't tried this one yet, because it seems more like a savory bar to me I am not sure I want to eat it for breakfast as I do most of my bars... I am thinking that I will have this bar with my afternoon meds and a cup of tea. I am looking forward to it the sesame ginger flavor intrigues me, also they claim since it isn't loaded with chocolate or sweeteners it won't melt like other bars...which makes it perfect for a Texas Summer...perhaps this would better be served as a poolside snack with some citrus infused water...aaahhh, yes that's what I will do....

Original sprouted almonds- individual serving bag Value $2.75- these were some pretty great almonds by them selves which I did eat a handful that way. I them slivered the remaining almonds for a spinach, orange and strawberry salad with a sesame ginger dressing (still had sesame ginger on the brain from that bar I am looking forward to eating) The almonds added just the perfect finish to the salad and were wonderful straight out of the bag as well.

Fruit. O Mango, pear,pineapple-value $2.30. I think most mom's with toddlers are quite familiar with fruit pouches, but since my little guy prefers "real food" these days I have to get creative with the pouches we receive in various far I find smoothies to be the best for fruit pouches, although a topping for a crepe might work as well...the veggie pouches can go into almost anything with out anyone knowing sauces, soups, casseroles...sneaky yes, but it gets picky kids to eat fruits and veggies (my little guy prefers fruis and veggies to snack on so I am lucky and don't hie food although I still do those things just to use up the pouches when they arrive.

Home Free Brand Gluten Free, vanilla mini cookies 70% organic-  mini pack Value $2.75-  
"OK, ya'll on this one I am just gonna have to give you what the company says about this one because Tuff Stuff ate these and didn't leave one for mommy to taste so I could do my review...judging how quickly they disappeared and the fact he didn't share with mommy like he usually wants to do with everything he east...guess that means they were sure yummy and he wanted them all to himself so , here is what the company has to say "
These tasty crunchy vanilla mini cookies are a perfect “healthy snack” for everyone: Free of the top 8 allergens, and heart healthy with low sodium and no trans fat, cholesterol or saturated fat. Also certified gluten free, certified a good source of whole grain (9 grams per serving!), certified kosher pareve, certified vegan, and certified organic (70% organic ingredients). Also SB-12 compliant for schools. And did we mention delicious?

Freeze Dried crunchiness -mango value$1.32 -  Tuff Stuff loves mango, in fact it may have been his first solid fruit, so these mango crunchies  are for him next time he tells me he wants "crunch" which usually means a variety of nuts I will try giving him this and I think he will pretty much love them

Taza Chocolate Vanilla Bean Mexicano Discs - 2 oz value $4.50,  now these yummy little discs of joy I have had the pleasure of in the past. this package contains 2 good sized disks. Some folks eat it and just enjoy the marriage of vanilla and chocolate,, I use it as the building block of a Mexican coffee drink... Put a single disc at the bottom of your mug, sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar over the chocolate disk, pour a hot very bold coffee over the chocolate, stir until well mixed then top with a little more straight me, try this you will love it... I already mixed up some cinnamon and sugar in anticipation of this drink

Bare Fruit Crunchy Granny Smith Apple Chips $2.69- there are 3 full granny smith apples in every bag and the only ingredient is granny smith apples...can't get much simpler than that...this will be good for Tuff Stuff and I to share while playing outside this summer with some fruit infused water.

Just Pure Foods Sesame Dijon Zucchini chips value $7.00- let me just start by saying WOW!!!! I opened these up a night or two ago just to "try them". I shamefully ate half the bag.. I mean these are real zucchini sliced super thing and dried/baked to perfections then the sesame Dijon seasoning just took it to a whole new level of yum.....

Freshly Wild Onion Joy, original recipe -value $4.99- Since I have not opened this bag yet I will let the company describe it for you...
Onion Joy is a truly scrumptious snack that’s wildly crunchy, tangy, salty, and sweet. We toss fresh onion slices with quality spices, herbs, juices, nuts, and seeds. Then we dehydrate the onions to preserve their important nutrients. Contains healthy fats from walnuts, cashews, sesame seeds, and chia seeds.

All totaled this healthy snack discovery box totals out to $34.80 which is well above the $20 I paid using the $20.00 off coupon, but just a tad under the $40.00 price tag for the full price box....wit a box like this I find that a small difference is cost and product is acceptable because of the time, effort, thought, man hurs and research that actually went into creating this discovery box for those of us who just can't discover and curate our own boxes... I wouldn't know where to start but I certainly like the way they are doing theirs...well worth the money in my opinion

to get this offer for $20.00 of the healthy suprise box you first have to be a member of plum district (free membership, and you can click this link to create your account so you can get this deal ---->Plum District

the above will get you the $20.00 off coupon code to use at the Health Surprise website which can be found here ---->Healthy Surprise Website, it does not appear that they have a referral program in place but please if they happen to ask let them know Kimberlee Parkhouse or the dragon slayer mommy sent you...

Trust me you really need to get this box, I would consider it a must have forever household with all the kids home alone this summer eating junk...why not replace the junk with yummy but healthy options today..well tomorrow actually...order today have it tomorrow in most cases (took 2 days for me because I am in Texas)

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