Thursday, May 9, 2013

May GoBites subscription box

Last week Plum District had a deal for Go Bites for $10.25 shipped (regular price for one box is $28.00 shipped) I had actually been thinking of trying Go Bites because it seems to be much like Graze which I absolutly love...only BIGGER...

For those unfamiliar Go Bites is a subscription box that contains "single serving" packet of healthy but yummy snacks there are 14 of the single serving containers in each box (and YOU get to choose your snacks yourself from their "menu" options....pretty cool huh...

Just like Graze you can chose your shipping frequency ( a box every week, 2 weeks or monthly) for Go Bites I have chosen the one box a month (there ARE 14 of them in there afterall...PLUS I still get my Graze boxes weekly (but Graze as you know only comes with 4 snacks per box , but is only $5 a box as well)

Ok, now that I have explained the world of Go Bites lets see what I got (keep in mind that I will use some of the poics I took BUT the pics of the actual product uo close I am using the pics from their site so I do not have to open and eat 14 packages right now if ya kow what I mean)

This was my "first peek" into the box (the box is actually pretty deep)

I like that the packing slip also included all of the snacks I had chosen, because honestly I could not have remembered all of that if I had tried and it's a pretty handy cheat sheet for trying this up as well.

so here are the snacks...
Incan Treasure

100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, mango, dark chocolate covered cacao nibs and golden raisins
Mayan Treasure
100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, monukka raisins, pomegranates and balinese cacao nibs


Pineapple Coconut Mix

100% organic pineapple and coconut


Apple Berry Cherry

100% organic apples, organic golden cherries, organic mulberries and organic goji berries


Banana Split

100% organic cavendish bananas, golden cherries and coconut


Jack of all Fruits

100% organic sri lankan jack fruit, lightly dry roasted almonds and monukka raisins


Sweet Siam

100% organic rambutan, walnuts and green raisins


Chocolate Monkey

100% organic raw cashews, cavendish bananas and rich dark chocolate chips

Blackberry & Co.

 100% organic monukka raisins, golden raisins, blackberries and dark chocolate covered cacao nibs


Tropical Chocolate Mix

100% organic raw cashews, mango, rich dark chocolate chips and coconut


Das Gütt

100% organic pumpkin seeds, rich dark chocolate chips, mango, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds and apples


Essential Energy

100% organic raisins, sunflower seeds, pineapple, dates, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, apricot, cashews and bananas


Path to Tibet

100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, golden cherries, mulberries and goji berries

The Silk Road

100% organic goji berries, mulberries, golden raisins, cacao nibs, cashews and pistachios

OK, that is all of's a LOT,huh? I have only tried a couple so far (Chocolate Monkey, the silk road and they were good...but I was expecting typical dried bananas...they are "different" than that although it is difficult to explain the difference... I think I like it..just not what I am used to)

This is ALL of my yummy packets gotta get this for yourself...

this is their website ---->Go Bites...their referral program is kind of weird... I THINK in order to get referral credit I have to email you an invite. I would appreciate it if you wanted to join GoBites you would email at or leave a comment here with your email and I promise to get an invitation to you ASAP

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