Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Conscious Box and discount code

Conscious Box is a discovery box for those who are wanting to "dip their toes" in to the eco friendly/green lifestyle and for those who have already embraced a greener way of life as well. For 19.95 a month (12.95 box and 7.00 shipping) you will get a combination of deluxe samples as well as full size products of some of the best environmentally conscious and all natural products available on the market. They offer a classic box of green, health products, a vegan box and a gluten free box as well.

Conscious box always includes a pretty nature inspired postcard in their boxes, I REALLY need to frame some of these (yes, I said that last month too I am sure...but really, I do )
Healthy Kid’s Organic Nutrition Shake drink -Value- 2.00- I was very happy to see this as we are looking for a nutritious drink to help supplement my toddlers daily intake (as with any toddler there are days he eats everything you give him and some days he just won't eat) I love that it was full sized as well
Snoozeberry Blueberry Pomegranate Sleep and  Relaxation Shot by Dream Water 2-Pack -value $5.00, Again very excited to see this in my box...not just one, but two full size products and my mom, daughter and I were just discussing these the other day and saying we wanted to try them (we all have sleep issues and use RX sleep meds) Also included in the box was a coupon for buy one get one free so really the value on this is even higher than I listed. I did try one of these (saving the other for my daughter...the 22 yr old...please, no nasty emails about giving a child this, she is an adult) I did notice a difference in how quickly I fell asleep and stayed asleep wit this item.

Herbamare Seasoning sample- Value $0.75 , it also included a coupon for 75 cents of the product

]Ultima Replenisher lemondade mix-single serve sample value $1.00 - I am sure hubby and daughters will enjoy this, I am not a fan of lemonade so I doubt I will try this one but they will for sure.

Say Yes to cucumbers sunscreen SPF 30 sample -Value 0.25- I love the say yes to... products and will gladly try this one, also included a buy one get one half off coupon which I know I will use as well.
Ecover dishwasher tablets (like pods I guess?)- Value 0.65- I will gladly try them as I have been saying in various posts I am TRYING to go with all natural household cleaners 

Earthpaste Natural Toothpaste in Peppermint and in Lemon Twist samples value 0.50 - I actually have been enjoying the natural toothpaste in various boxes. If I keep getting these I may not need to get toothpaste for awhile, I am looking forward to trying the lemon twist

healthy hoohoo- feminine wash sample value- 0.75- OK so are you done laughing at the name yet? I LOVE the name and for that reason alone may purchase some...hubby cracking up over the name
Relax-All With Phenibutby MRM sample value 0.50- this looks to be an herbal type muscle relaxer.. I am VERY intrigued  simply must try this as any good spoonie knows these are the types of "finds" that can be earth shattering!
BIJA Lemon Ginger Echinacea Tea-value 0.40- I am going to try this after chemo next week and see if it helps, I love to find all natural remedies for the nausea

Included was a coupon from Kvass for a free product from them and their 'Zu-kay live foods" line, it appears to be a drink of somesort.. I will report back on this when I have the product- value 3.99 per the coupon

Surf Sweets- sour berry gummies  value 2.50 (I apologize for the "stock" picture but my little guy ate them before I could snap a picture and then I forgot to take a picture of the empty bag- he loved them judging by how quickly they disappeared.

I did not get a group photo of this box evidently (geeze and I didn't get the surf sweet snacks...bad blogger bad...) I can honestly say that Conscious box is by far one of my favorite boxes (in my top 3 actually) This will be a box I will continue with for quite some time, although I currently get the classic box and after this subscription is up in October I might try another version of their monthly box (they also have Gluten free and vegan boxes available) I also love the "mystery boxes, or "special boxes" and like to treat myself with one of those when I can.

There are always great codes available for Conscious box and most of them worth for new subscribers as well as current subscribers which I really like because hey, I am the one using the service every month..give me an incentive... I wish more boxes realized this and gave their current subscribers great incentives as well.
you want the discount code.right now if you use the code click here ----> conscious box "SMARTSHOPPER"  will give you 50% off everything in your basket at checkout...including subscription packages so a 3 month subscription ends up costing less than $30.00 including the shipping, a one month box $just under $10 get the idea... also valid on items in the "store"

**** UPDATE, I have been told SMARTSHOPPER is no longer working, I will search for another 50% off (usually they have one)

until then this is the best I can find LITTLETICKET will give you 15% off


  1. Hi,
    The "SMARTSHOPPER" code you gave for conscious box subscriptions did not work.

  2. thank you for letting me know, I last checked Sunday. I will remove it and look for another one

  3. I am still looking for another 50% bit for now you can use LITTLETICKET for 15% off

  4. SMARTSHOPPER works for 50% off 1 month and 3 month subscriptions, also try GOCONCIOUS for 3 month.