Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Citrus Lane Box (plus 50% off discount code)

Last week our May Citrus Lane box arrived , as I have mentioned I received a LOT of boxes last week (still catching up on reviews) but this box I opened as soon as it arrived !!!

For those who are not aware of what Citrus Lane is all about, Citrus Lane is a goodie box for babies and toddlers costing $25 per month (less with multiple month subscriptions) that is age appropriate and gender specific to your child. Typically including 4 to 6 items. most times a feeding or food item, a toy, a book, personal care item for baby and a surprise gift for mom as well. Not all the boxes have that exact combination I just described, but you get the idea.

so let's see what Tuff Stuff' got in his May box (and YES, he know the yellow box is for him and says "box, box, box" when it arrives)

Up, Up, Up, book and CD set from Barefoot books- Value $10.00- We can never have enough books around here, not only does the little guy love book he loves music even more and this CD has people singing to him....now do I use it in the house when I need him entertained or in the car?

Blue race Car from Green Toy's- value $9.00- You know, I don't think we have other items from Green toys, but I am going to be looking for them now. They make these toys from 100% recycled milk jugs...really... Anyways Tuff Stuff loves this car, I knew he would he is obsessed with all things cars and he says this one looks like his "big bed" and it does look like his race car bed, we are very happy with this.

Deep Steep moisture Stick in Lavender Chamomile Value $5.75- I have reviewed this Deep Steep moisture stick a few times now and I LOVE it, I received it in our Stork Stack last month in vanilla brown sugar, and I have purchased it in various scents as well.....it is one of my favorite products and is even included in my 10 must have items for those of us who are chronically ill (if you missed that list, you can read it here--->my 10 must have items) Obviouslly very happy this was included in our box this month!

Ella's Kitchen Apples and strawberries nibbly fingers value $4.25. We love seeing food in our boxes, even Tuff Stuff gets excited over new snacks so this was a welcome addition to his snacking routine.

Ella's Kitchen "the red one" pouch- value $2.11. I used to like seeing pouches in our boxes, I am not as excited as I used to be about it with Tuff Stuff being 2 now...but it doesn't make me upset either I guess...I can always make smoothies with them.

In all the confusion and excitement of so many boxes arriving in such a short span and getting everything ready for the little guy's Birthday party I guess I forgot to take a "group" photo of all the items togather this month. The total value of the May Citrus Lane box was $31.11 which is greater than the value of the box which is regularly just $25.00 a month but if you use the code "TAKEHALF" you can get your first box for just $12.50 and that m friends is an awesome deal.

to get your box for $12.50 click here --->Citrus Lane and enter "TAKEHALF" as the discount code.

What did ya'll get in you Citrus Lane box this month?

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