Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Ambition Box (this is the first box as they just launched) and discount code

My ambition box arrived today, I had been eagerly awaiting this box because it was a complete unknown... this was the first box they have ever done and had done a great job of building anticipation over the last couple months on the Facebook page. I had signed up about 6 weeks ago for their "pre order list" to make sure I remembered it when it came time to order... I didn't really have to worry about that because they did a lot of teasers and giveaways in the month or so leading up to their launch that there wasn't a change to "forget" I wanted to try the box...but still glad I had signed up early.

Ok, on to the box..

First off, this personalized, handwritten note was the top item in the box... talk about personal touche...I am a sucker for a handwritten note and this made a HUGE impact on my first impression of the box. I usually open my boxes in front of my hubby and even he was very impressed by the handwritten note and marketing and finance is his life so he isn't as easy to impress as most...GREAT job Ambition Box Team!!!

thi was the actual first look at the box and it's contents after reading the note on top

this lip balm smells amazing and is a black raspberry  scent which I love it is also a vegan lip balm if that is important to you it was made by Uprising botanicals (value $3.00)

This is an adorable little mirror compact I LOVE it although I would not have ever thought to get one for myself. It reminds me of a compact my Granny used to carry in her handbag (for those who don't know me that is about the highest praise I can give you if it reminds me of my granny that is always a good thing) I will be keeping this in my bag for sure. (I actually can't locate this online I am estimating the vale to be about $7.00, but that is purely a guess on my part)

Thera Breath Vegan toothpaste- Ok, now I am actually pretty excited to try this (although perhaps some would not be as excited as I am) In addition to my AOSD I also have Sjorgren's and among other issues it causes extreme dry mouth which in turn causes bad breath... I have actually been trying to incorporate more all natural products into my life and never even considered toothpaste as something I should look into changing...somehow this was EXACTLY what I need to try and they nailed it. In addition to this 0.75oz sample toothpaste was a voucher to to use on the site and to get $10 in coupons for them as well (value $2.40 toothpaste only)

Nikki's magic Wand- I had seen this item before in various reviews, but had never actually "seen" one... for those who don't know this handy little wand is used to "scrape various containers of makeup" you know how you always have some lipstick, facial cream, mascara or liquid foundation that you just can't get out of the container when it gets close to empty because of the way they make those containers...well this little wand gets that out for you and then just wash it off , put it back in the holder and pull it out again the next time you need it...this will ensure you get all of your products you spend your money on (value $9.99)

Global Goddess Shine coconut Amla Revitalizing hair treatment -2 foil packet samples included. I am currently looking for the perfect thing to restore my hair ...chemotherapy has made it look pretty terrible (plus the coloring doesn't help I am sure) I am happy to have these and will give them a try this weekend for sure.

Celazome moisturizing sunscreen SPF 29- I think adding an SPF item in any box that ships in summer months is a GREAT idea, this is not a high enough SPF for me personally (I use SPF 100 because of my medical issues and sun sensitivity from illness and medication both) Bit I will pass this on to one of my adult daughters and I am sure they will love it.

All totaled this was valued at $22.40 (not including the foil packets since I do not count them in my cost breakdowns) The price of the box is $15.00 so I am happy with this deal overall. All of these are items I will use (other than the sunscreen I will pass on to my daughter) and all of them are items I would not have purchased for myself but I am glad to have and to try.

Now I know that the ambition box was not going to be the same for everyone (products based on your profile answers) And I also believe as someone who signed up for this box prior to launch I got an additional item (I do not know which item that was, and really it doesn't matter as I was happy overall)

Considering this is a small start up company and this was their first box I believe they did a good job, I do plan to continue to receive this subscription box...that handwritten note says a LOT to me, I am someone who believes in customer service, they got my repeat business with that handwritten note for now.

I look forward to seeing how this company and the box develops over the up coming months.

Ambition box website My referral code is AB5647... if you input my referral code you will get $2.00 off your box (so total cost will be$13.00) and I will please remember to put the referral code in so we BOTH can get the discount.