Saturday, May 18, 2013

Goodies Co May Box (and discount code)

is a monthly subscription that sends out 5-8 trial sized food products for $7 a month w/shipping included.  Yep just $7 for this little box of awesome, Just like Birchbox and a few others you write reviews on the site to earn points towards full size items or a free box. There is a waiting list , but the wait time is pretty quick (but actually I have a code to give you to bypass the wait list)

Let's get straight to the box, shall we. I got box # 5 this month for those who like to know the box variety number.

Zico coconut water- 1 liter . Coconut water is not the same as coconut milk, this is more of a coconut juice I is supposed to be great for hydration (kinda like a natural sports drink) it is also very high in potassium (very important for me as my illness prevents my body from absorbing vitamins and minerals properly and I take a ton of prescription strength potassium pills...5 a day) it evident;y comes in a wide variety of flavors as well this is the "natural" flavor. I ca't wait to see how this's in the fridge getting cold as I type.

Bronco Bob's roasted raspberry chipotle sauce 2.5 ounces- when I first saw this in the box I  thought "ice cream sauce" , but I was wrong (not the first time) this is a sauce/marinade for grilling, dipping and appetizers  There were a couple recipes on the jar that look good, but I think I will likely try this with a grilled meat next week (love my grill this time of year already is the 90's here in TX)

Beanitos resturant style white bean with sea salt chips- sounds great and will pair nicely with the next item....

Wholly Guacamole- coupon for a free container (up to 6.50 in value) - I was thrilled to see this in the box...have you had this stuff... AWESOME...and here in Texas we eat a lot of Guacamole and I am telling you I love this stuff... it's in the cold case section in produce and WOW...several varieties as well I like the home style version

also included was a wholly guacamole chip it who doesn't need an extra chip clip

California Olive ranch extra version olive oil (2 sample packs) - we are huge olive oil users so I am always happy to see a new brand or flavor that I haven't used before... plus it's a cool little sample package I like the way it is designed (yes, I notice these things and I think it usually effects my overall opinion of the company)

Dorval sour power straws (2 full size packs) we got the strawberry pack and the variety pack (variety pack includes strawberry, apple/peach, raspberry/grape and tutti frutti.- My hubby is gonna be all over these, he LOVES sour gummy candies...these will be gone as soon as I show them to him.

 Kathie's Kitchen Super Seedz- sea salt gourmet shelled pumpkin seeds... I can't wait to try these. The question is do I eat them right out of the bag (like I am tempted to do right now) or do I save them and use them to toss in a salad...decisions, decisions...

Numi Organic Tea in Moroccan mint single serve package - this actually sounds yummy and if I don't drink it you know the princess will gladly take it.

Here is everything that I got in my May goodies co box, I don't do a price break down on this box because it is only $7.00 regular price per month and as you can see you clearly get your money's worth (I mean just the guacamole is 6.50) 
I was so impressed with the box this month that I actually signed up fr a second box every month... at $7 a month (full price) it is super affordable and I can afford to get two. Although over all the boxes are very similar every month they do have different variations (this month it seemed t one only different flavors of the same items but some months totally different items) so I figured if one is good two would be better

Now want to know something, even better... there is a discount deal on this box right now so you can get it even cheaper than the $7 a month regular price which is crazy cheap anyway if you ask me...but now totsy has a deal going on to make the first month just $4.00 PLUS you get to bypass the waiting list (but this deal is only good until Sunday May 19th) the link is here----Totsy daily deals site and then scroll down until you see it, it is about 1/2 way down the page and on far left side (you do have to have a Totsy account but it is free, it's similar to plum district, living social, or groupon)

if you read this after the totsy deal ends, have to fear I have a code for you as well, if you use the code "SKIPTHELINE" where it says coupon (during signup for waiting list) then it will let you sign up right away (I think I was on the waiting list over a month when I signed skipping the line is a good thing) it will still be full price with this option, but since "full price" is only $7.00 a month it's still a wonderful box to get...all of this for only $7.00 a month (or $4.00, if you read this before the Totsy deal ends) 

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