Friday, May 24, 2013

Bauble Bar (free jewelry opportunity)

every Friday they have a jewelry item marked down to $10 with free shipping (it is their regular jewelry not junky cheap stuff) when you sign up for an account 72 hrs later if you haven't made a purchase then they send you a code for $10 off your first purchase ...and you get the marked down item that Friday for FREE (it sis not even ASK for my payment information...just free) plus today they had sent me a thing for a free pair of $22 stud earrings for I ended up getting a bracelet and earrings for free...did not even pay shipping.... just click this link...create an account (no charge)and wait.... within 72 hrs you will get the $10 off code, don't use it until the next "burried item" sale I know it is on Fridays it may be more often than that I heard it was daily but I can only verify it is on Fridays...give it a try you have nothing to loose...

Click here for website----->Bauble Bar website

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