Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April/May Home Grown Collective green box review

I have been waiting for this box, I know that it ships right at the end of the month (so you get April's box the first week of May) even though I knew this it was a really LONG wait...especially after I saw a couple spoilers and KNEW we would simply love this box!

For those of you unfamiliar with The Homegrown Collective, it is a 
subscription service that delivers a themed "green box" to your door every month. Each box is seasonal and promotes a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. As I have mentioned we are trying to use more green products in our home, but even more so we are trying to be more self reliant so this box has our name written all over it (seriously, it is one of my personal faves easily)
I am not even gonna lie to you , it is on the more expensive side of the monthly subscription box spectrum...but it is well worth the cost, and really it is an investment because of the type of products you receive.

OK, on to my box...this month's theme was Olives, herbs and Candles Oh My...

Included was everything you can possibly think of to start your own herb garden parsley, Thyme and Basil) enough for , the container to start the herbs in, as well as the pods of plant food and soil.Even little chalkboard sticks so you can label them. Once big enough just move to the garden outside or to a pot in your windowsill or porch.

pods to grow seeds in as well as container, and chalk sticks to label
seeds Thyme, Basil and Parsley

My favorite and most anticipated part of the box (I looked at some spoilers) Was including items to make your own flavor infused olive oil. They reccommens making one with the items they included (chili peppers, sweet basil and pepercorn) and then a second from the fresh herbs you have grown with the kit above. Also incluided was the Olive Oil it's self, and the glass bottles for the flavor infused olive oil once made.


Perhaps the coolest aspect of the box is making olive oil candles, I had no clue all you really needed was a jar, olive oil and a wick (who knew... Included for this project was everything needed, a glass jar with lid, 4 wicks, olive oil and a cinnamon stick (for fragrance, also suggested is using the herbs grown from kit above)


I absolutely LOVE this Home Grown Collective Green Box, it is so much more than your typical month subscription box, since you receive items that you can grow or make in each kit, the box pays for it's self over time, teaches you how to be more self reliant, encourages eating local and fresh, gives you all items needed for several "projects" gives all the instruction you need (because although I would have loved to do these before I would have not known where to start), and is something the entire family can be involved in.

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