Friday, May 3, 2013

April Nature Box (plus discount code for 50% off)

I received my first Nature Box yesterday (I simply HAD to try this box during the current promo for 50% off the box)

For those wondering what a nature box is this is a box that contains multi- serving bags of healthy treats (you get to choose your treats from the selection on the website if you want or if you want they can create a surprise box for you if you prefer. They have 3 box sizes I received the smallest box which is 5 full size bags of snacks regular price 19.99, the medium sized box has 10 full size bags of snacks for 29.95, and the large has   20 full sized bags for 49.95...again the current promo is 50% off these prices (I will list the discount below the review) OK, so on with my box of yummies

These snacks arrived in a typical subscription type box, between the sizes of a goodies box and a wittlebee box for those who like to know box size

my first peek into the box, evidently they are redesigning a few things so one card in the package said "pardon our crumbs" explaining that some packaging may look different than others right now as they change to a new package design (since this is my first box, I wouldn't have known either way)

Also included was a typical product info card. They chose my 5 snacks for me as it was an "intro" box which is always fine with me...we are pretty adventurous eaters around here. The "theme" of this box appears to be the Spice of Life according to the card.

 First bag is Taj Mahal snack Mix

"Take your taste buds around the globe with smokey Indian Curry, sweet mangoes,nuts, and seeds. We love the balance of chewy/crunchy textures and the pleasant depth of flavors" 

  I ate a quick bite of this for review purposes and it was good...not as spicy as I expected, very nice flavors...hubby is taking this one to work with him tomorrow I think.

Italian Bistro Pretzels 

"enjoy all the flavors of your favorite pizzeria breadsticks without the greasy mess or take out bill. When nothing but a crunchy, zesty snack will do , these Bistro Pretzels hit the spot"  

OMG, these are fantastic, they are very salty so just know that up front... I would like to dip them in mustard, melted cheese, name it.... I know that kills the health part...but man are they good even without a dip

This bag has Banana bread granola

"banana bread may be the perfect breakfast treat, but who has time for baking in the morning? Enjoy this granola with tangy Greek yogurt and a steaming cup of tea for a comforting breakfast" you KNOW I didn't write that...COFFEE, no that we are talking real life use of this little guy (23 months) LOVES this....cried and cried when I wouldn't let him eat the whole bag (I portion control)  tasted it as well it's pretty great and I will be eating it on my yogurt.

Next is Lemon Meringue waffles

"satisfying your sweet tooth without stretching your waistband with these lacy waffles with just a hint of lemon zest. We can't imagine an afternoon tea without a few of these"  These are crispy and light, not too sweet and not to tart...I really like them and will be perfect with my 3 pm coffee snack

And the final bag is Whole wheat raspberry figgy bars "Kids and adults unanimously love our whole wheat figgy bars, but fresh raspberries that this bar to a whole new level. Good things they are wrapped up because it is hard to eat just one"   Wow, let me just tell you it is 1 Am as I sit here doing this review...and honestly I am not really hungry BUT I am eating one whole individually wrapped bar, no little "taste" on this one... I think Mama may be keeping these for her "quiet time" Seriously ya'll this raspberry figgy bar is incredible

As you can see, there is a lot in this box and since it was all less than $10 with the discount code "FB50"

Nature Box Website <------ adjust="" and="" apply="" box="" br="" click="" code="" cost...="" coupon="" discount="" fb50="" here="" hit="" in="" put="" the="" to="" your="">
So what did ya'll think? do you get Nature box, do you want to get it? what are your favorite snacks?

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