Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Thoughts

Tuesday's Thoughts

have you ever noticed that "most" baby lotion, shampoo, sippy cups, cute little stuff in general on average is $5 at Walmart or Target? I think this is strategic, because we think "Gee, It's only $5 I should get it" then realize you have over 50 of those "just $5 items at home"

Why is it every time I want to cancel my satellite service (to change providers) they "suddenly" have a cheaper package with MORE channels and features to offer me right that very moment? If I had this option before that I wouldn't be mad enough to switch in the first place

No matter what color I color my hair it pulls a shade of red (and I am not a natural redhead)

Why is there always tea in monthly boxes?

Ever since I decided to consider my Boxer (Miss Libby) a 2 yr old toddler I have been less irritated by her behavior and I know unlike my toddler she will never grow up... Now I am OK with that

Why is it when you REALLY want or need something it either isn't available for Amazon Prime Shipping or even if it is for some reason it doesn't arrive in the 2 days? I ask because I planned on potty training all week. It is 3:38 Tuesday afternoon and STILL no potty which I ordered on Friday Morning

Everyone talks about the great people they meet during infusions, WHY do I always end up sharing MY infusion time with a room full of people who nap during infusion and snore so I can't nap (actually this is my Netflix time. I can watch whatever I want with no one to ask me a million questions for once (too bad I have to get poison pumped into my body for some "me" time

Why do ALL men immediately bring up peeing on cheerios when you bring up Potty Training?

Why is everyone so against Jimmie winning another championship, he is a clean talented driver...sure he isn't as fun to watch as Kyle but you all scream Kyle is a dirty driver so make up your minds already...

....and on that note it is race weekend here in Texas and once again I am stuck at home watching it on TV...one of these race weekends I REALLY am going to come off of my meds that cause me to be home bound because of immuno-suppression and I am heading to the track...I MISS the smell of burning rubber and gasoline...but I am thinking it needs to be a chase race if I am willing to potentially go into a flare for this.... November?


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