Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things I am going to try (or my personal journey to discovery)

i am doing my first ever link up, and already running way behind as I should have posted this last week....but life got in the way....***see note at the end of this post***

first off,  I have decided to try more all natural,  eco friendly or green products.  As a wise (younger) woman pointed out a few months ago those of us with auto immune issues should be more cautious than most with the products we use from cleaners to beauty products. I also am wanting to become more of a self sufficient household for many reasons from convince of having things on hand (we live in the sticks)  to knowing in case of emergency we could last awhile on our own.... this is where some of my new subscriptions (this is my first month for all of them) come in.. the honest company for household cleaning products, olio luxe for skin care,beauty and self pampering, conscious box to try a wide variety of eco friendly products and the homegrown collection to help me become more self sufficient as well as introducing me to a more natural life style.

over the coming weeks and months  I will be reviewing these boxes/ bundles and bringing y'all along with me on my journey.

one of my new year's resolutions was to simply do more for MYSELF, I know that seems like an unusual and selfish resolution but as my oldest the princess pointed out many times over the last year" I never do things for myself or buy things for myself" 

i honestly can't recall when I last just went and bought myself things like clothing or luxury items before this year....

once about 7 yrs ago I earned some gift cards to khols at work for going above and beyond... I got myself a soft pink robe and matching slippers AND felt terribly guilty for getting items for myself and not my daughter's (although I think they were super excited I had actually treated myself for a change) perhaps it's because I was a single mom for so many years,  but even though those were gift cards I earned instead of me actually spending real money on myself. ... anyways. ...

the entire reason you are reading this is because of the princess pushing me to buy things for myself or to do things to make myself happy

my new obsession with boxes is in part because of my resolution to" spoil myself"  a bit for a change. ..
since I am homebound I can't really go on a shopping spree (although Amazon and I are close friends) and yes, I agree my wardrobe could use some updates (I honestly still have clothes from the 90s) but hey, in my defense I wore scrubs for work all those years and had little use for "fancy or expensive clothes"  a couple pair of jeans, some T shirts , a couple of" nice"  shirts picked up at goodwill, a dress or two for church was all I ever needed. Now,  that being said my mom did buy me clothes for my B day and Christmas most years (sadly I must admit that was the only time I got new under things "in my stocking every Christmas" )
obviously I have been a married woman for quite a few years now, and my husband encourages me (occasionally forcing me) to buy myself new or buying clothing/shoes for me.

for some reason my daughters and my husband finally "got through to me"  I guess and I have decided to indulge myself and do things to "spoil"  me a bit

perhaps it is being sick, stuck at home, and finally REALLY seeing myself in the mirror....

I seldom have done more with my hair other than a ponytail since starting chemo a few yrs ago. Make up was NEVER really my "thing"  but in the past I did at least make an effort to look nice.
I guess I just quit caring about my appearance all together a couple years ago.... I was too busy worrying about the way I felt

I have never splurged on myself, but it got to the point that I even felt guilty about the large cost of my meds therefore I refused to do anything that brought me enjoyment....
so I have jumped in with both feet,  these boxes are my way of spoiling myself (granted I don't just get boxes for myself,  but most are for me actually)

so as you read this blog before you judge me for" extravagant spending"  or being selfish now perhaps you will see this is hopefully the FIRST step of slowly becoming the" me"  I have kept locked up inside for the last 20 years

I guess this post went from being about things I would try this month to more of an explanation of WHY this blog was started and a little self exploration so to speak as to why I have never "spent" on myself but spend a great deal on others all the time

please join me on my journey and I hope you enjoy watching me discover myself

***this started off being a post about things I planned to try this next month,  but took on a life of it's own...sorry about the rambling... I obviously didn't do the "link up" as this started out to be***

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