Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Honest Company Bundle (+discount code)

Ok folks, technically the bundles from the Honest company ARE NOT your typical monthly subscription boxes because YOU pick the 5 items that will be in your delivery for the month (they also have a diaper/wipe delivery service  Let's start with a little info on the honest company because I don't think I have reviewed them before.

The Honest Company is an excellent way to purchase eco-friendly, non toxic, natural household products from beauty items to cleaning items as well as diapers (they are adorable, if we were not in potty training mode already we would SO be doing this as well) You get to choose the 5 items in your monthly bundle (for the essentials bundle they have a different bundle for diapers) So every month you can change it up to suit your individual needs. The full price of the essentials bundle is $35.95, which is actually a GREAT deal for 5 cleaning and laundry products, and that was the way I went when I created this bundle (although I have purchased items from the Honest company prior to this, It was individual items so this is actually my FIRST bundle with their monthly service. As with any online shopping there are discount codes out there that can be applied to your purchase. For this particular bundle I paid $21.93 for my 5 it was incredible deal, not only was it cheaper than getting my normal supplies at the store or on Amazon these are also better for us and the environment (and I am trying to change to more of these type products for our family)

This is what I got in my bundle, I will list the cost to purchase the items individually next to them so you can see the savings you get by using the bundle system.

Honest company floor cleaner 24 ounce spray bottle- $7.95 (plus shipping). this is good for hard surfaces (not carpet) simply spray on the floor and run a damp mop or cloth over the floor...that easy. I am not completely crazy about the scent (citrus rosemary, and I really dislike the smell of all things rosemary) but then again I guess I have to sacrifice something for a more natural cleaner because those scents I like are NOT natural.I am sure most people would actually like this scent, I just have a huge dislike for rosemary.

Honest company multi-surface cleaner 24 ounces- $5.95 this product can be used for virtually anything (counters, stove top  bathtub,sink, highchairs, toys, floors,tables...pretty much if it needs to be cleaned you can use it) just spray and wipe clean. This is a white grapefruit scent and I LOVE it.

Honest company dishwasher pods 32 count-$10.95- these are just typical little pods for your dishwasher, not much more I can say...they work well and I am happy with them

Honest company liquid laundry detergent 70 ounces $12.95- This is a very concentrated laundry detergent, works well I have no real complaints. It is a "free and clear" scent, which will take some getting used to for me since we were previously Apple mango tango users and I am used to my laundry having that unmistakable smell..this just smells "clean" which is a good thing when wanting to be more natural I suppose.

Honest Dryer Sheets 32 count $6.95.- These are fragrance free dryer sheets to soften your clothes and remove static clean, again they work's that fragrance free thing that I will have to get used to. I miss my chemically created just washed laundry smell. I know this is better for us and the environment and it actually works really fact the package says you can use each sheet twice (I didn't believe it, tried it and it's true so in reality this does 64 loads of laundry) I just wish there was a fragrance...I guess I am having "chemical" withdrawal...

This 5 item bundle has a value of $44.75, the bundle usually sells for $35.95 (plus shipping) but I paid only $21.93 including shipping. so this was a REAL bargain. Obviously since you customize your own bundle the product value will vary per per per month. Next month I will likely do more health/beauty type products (body wash, shampoo, lotion stuff like that) In the past the items I have bought individually from Honest Company were more beauty /bath type items and I LOVED them , I especially like the healing balm as a diaper cream, so each month I will "mix it up" some. I know some people always put the most expensive items in their bundle so they get maximum savings, and that is a good way to go. I have chosen to go more with products we need at the time, this cleaning/laundry bundle will last us at least 2 months so next month I will get the other items we need for bath-time and such...just rotate it out... to each their own and one of the good things is that you can completely personalize this package to your individual needs on a monthly basis.

So I am sure you are wondering about the discount code I used and the company info here it is, click on this link---->The Honest Company to create your account and the code I used was "PLUMDISTRICT40" 

***this review contains affiliate links***

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