Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Today is all about the little and "sometimes" bigger things I am grateful for this week

my Keurig- I think this is self explanatory, but the whole "fresh cup of coffe, tea, or iced creation anytime of day and any flavor I choose has helped the grieving process of living 30 min away from a Starbucks

Disney Sing Along DVDs- even though these are the same one my girls watched 20 yrs ago (80s hair and all) my little guy loves these more than I ever thought possible and I can actually get 30 full mints of "me" time. blogging time or cleaning done with no worries....must get more of these as we only have 3 right now

PawBox- Miss Libby is happy and occupied and that is all I have to say about that (she even slept with her fuzzy orange man last night)

Nick mom - I know when Nick Jr launched it's late evening programs for mom's a lot of people were upset that a preschool channel would have stand up comics "oh, horror" but really it's like 10 PM, most preschoolers should be in bed at that point...or heaven forbid change the channel, read a book, anything...Nick Jr is not the only option in this world....OK, now that I have that off my chest... I am LOVING Nick Mom, the show Parental Discretion just cracks me up.... I stumbled upon it one night when my DVR wasn't working so I was forced to watch live TV, now I make a point to make that my evening "me time"

Monthly Infusion- OK, tomorrow is my monthly infusion and after a month my previous infusion is wearing off and mamma is feeling pretty cruddy....can't even put into words how happy I am that tomorrow I finally get more biologic agent meds pumped back into this body to get these fevers under control (103.7 is the lowest this week trust me after a few days like that you would want an infusion too)

Pho- many of you know I am obsessed my this magical, yummy Vietnamese noodle soup. It is the only thing I really want after my weekly chemo and to be honest I could eat it several days a week. It is "any time" food in Vietnam  meaning it is eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner...or snacks even. I would LOVE some hot fresh Pho someday for breakfast but since like everything else the closest Vietnamese noodle house is about 35 min away and my favorite is about 45 to 50 min away I will have to settle for an occasional weekend lunch or my Friday evening "post treatment meal" Don't get me wrong I often reheat this the next morning and have it for breakfast but I doubt it is the same as a FRESH bowl first thing in the morning... If you have never had Pho, please do yourself a favor and go get some TODAY even people who "hate" Asian food at all end up liking this bowl of yumminess one I talk them into trying it. I personally like Pho Tai (which is the beef noodle soup topped with eye of round steak) one of the best things about Pho is you customize your bowl right at the table (onions, basil, limes, bean sprouts, sliced chili's or jalapenos, thinly sliced onions, ngo gai (culantro), cilantro, and your choice or combination of sauces as well....yumm mouth is watering now... and THANKFULLY today is THURSDAY which means tomorrow I can get some Pho.....

What are YOU thankful for?


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