Sunday, April 21, 2013


I will be working on a way to get this video series better integrated into my blog, but it is 4:45 AM and these video's were just released early this morning  The International Still's disease foundation was kind enough to let me know as soon as they were up and available so I could get them on my blog.

I am asking, no BEGGING that anyone who kows me watch these videos. It is so exciting for us to FINALLY have something to show people....our disease is so rare and so few people have it that there has never been more than a small pamphlet from the foundaation that I could show someone (well, there are LOTS of medical research papers and since I am well versed in medical terminology I understand the papers but most people wouldn't)

Dr John Cush donated his time and the money to create and release these videos as a gift to the International Still's foundation. For my "non dragon slaying friends" Dr Cush is the only Still's expert in the US...yes, others treat Still's but Dr Cush has dedicated his lie to finding better meds for us dragon slayers and showing that we are different and we need different meds.... I LOVE THIS MAN and everything he has done to try to give me and others like me a better life and a hope of a better future.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to watch the video series, and I promise to find a better way of displaying the link in a more tech savvy way once I get caffeine into my body.


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