Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I checked on my Graze account today and say it was in the mail.... I remembered that one of the coolest features of Graze is that you can actually "see" your box once it's packed (everyone gets a different box based on their food and dietary preferences, so it's unlikely that any two people would get the same box.)

I am so excited to FINALLY  be a Graze member, it's a long wait but man oh man ....I haven't even received my first box yet and I love it. Just a reminder each box is $5 and you have the choice of boxes weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly delivery.

I will post a link so you can get on the waiting list, but it is very hard to get "in" so if you think you might EVER want to do this one I would suggest getting on the waiting list... I was finally  given an invite code from a reader (Thank you Jodi) so I was able to bypass the wait list... each member only gets to invite 1 person and that's it...very limited...and my daughter already called dibs on my invite code...her invite code will go to one of you my readers.

OK....so want to see the box? Obviously it's in the main so no actual review but here is a sneak peek....

Kimberlee's Graze Box week of April 1st 2013

from my sneak preview box you can get to the email for waiting list.