Wednesday, April 3, 2013


MARCH, 2013  Fancy Box Review 

 THE FANCY BOX (REGULAR) is the first subscription from THE FANCY ,I think they now have a total of 7 NOW . I KNOW I SUBSCRIBE TO 3 (THIS ONE, THE FOOD BOX, AND THE TYLER FLORENCE BOX)

Instead of a information card like other boxes, the Fancy send individual card for the products in your box as well as a couple of the fancy stickers all in the envelope your receipt is in.... I really like that I must say., and Tuff Stuff certainly like the stickers!!!

Pilot & Captain T- (value $32) -this is the softest T- shirt I have seen in awhile, so I was very happy to get this T, I am not sure if Hubby will take it over or if I will be sleeping in it (Hubby was pretty happy about it to so I think I have lost it already)

Clocky Rolling Runaway Alarm Clock – Value $40

Tis is such a cute idea, but because of my AOSD it will not e something I ca use. I do good to walk without a cane or walker when I wake up much less chasing my alarm clock. I have a couple of nieces that would enjoy this go so to the gift pile.
Citrus Zinger Water bottle Value $20

This is so cool, you put your fruit at the bottom and it will infuse the water without "bits" of fruit gettin into the water.The Yankee like this A LOT , in fact he liked it enough to log on to Amazon to order one.
Broom Groomer Mini Value $10- This is actually a pretty good idea, when I first saw this on other's box reviews I was like "uummm, no" but I actually see crumbs and fur all around my desk so maybe I DO need this and did't even realize it.

Shoptiques gift card Value $15-  I will not add this to the "value" of the box because although I was able to find a few jewelry pieces for $15 or less the shipping was $12.95  (that was shipping from Houston, TX to Ft Worth, TX) Perhaps at some point I will use this but not right now and since you have to spend money to use it I do not consider it a value item in this box.

Total value of this box was $102 (without the shoptiques gift card) So I defiantly got my money's worth. The normal cost of this box is $39 plus shipping, but I paid only $22 and that included shipping . If you use code "25OFF7" you too can get $25 off any fancy order (including one of their 7 different sub boxes) My hubby actually really liked this box, and as you all know it is good to have hubby approve of your money spending habits. I think the value of this box did it for him, plus he just really liked the citrus zinger water bottle .

The link to order is here ----->FANCY BOX and remember to use code "25OFF7" to get your $25 off any purchase.


  1. really dig that water bottle, where did your husband purchase one and how much? any other colors? can i request the items i want in my box?

  2. it was $20 on Amazon and available in at least one other color that I remember