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Paw Box- Is a monthly subscription box service for your puppy babies "Receive four to five luxury product samples from high-end brands every month, then simply register to create an account and subscribe to receive your first PawBox. Fill in your Pet-Profile to help us select products to complement your pet requirements." The cost of this box is very reasonable at $10 a month, $30 for 3 months and $110 for a year (one month free) you can try code "BOXTALKMARCH" for 50% off your first box. As of 4/4/13 it still worked.

I decided Miss Liberty Bell (Libby) need a box of her very own (she 
is my 2 yr old boxer and still very active and what I would call an "extreme" chewer. Although I have 2 dogs and 3 cats Miss Libby tends to need a little more attention than the others (boxers are a very emotional breed) I thought perhaps getting a special treat that was "just hers" would be nice (no fear, the other furry kids also get boxes from elsewhere)

I was very excited to see her box in the mail today because we had a hailstorm this morning and storms just get her all upset and I KNEW a new toy would be just what we needed (yes, she loved the toy but I loved the other things to "chill her out") 

OK, enough about my puppy girl...let's see the box...

an orange share the love brand 8" fuzzy man with squeaker (I barley got the tag off this before she attacked) Value 5.25

Green Dog natural Complete Calm from rainbow light Nutritional systems (chewable tablet in chicken flavor containing Chamomile, Valerian, and Lavender) there were two sample packets of one dosage each (but instructions say to start at 1/2 dose so it is enough for 4 storms...PERFECT for tornado season. If these work I will be buying the full size of these for sure) value 1.06

Nutrabar- the first and only all natural, all american, super premium, true food bar with 27% protein for dogs. This is actually a full sized bar that is 4 oz. Miss Libby will have to share this with big brother Romeo (my elderly lab) This seems very "condensed and like it will be something to chew on as well as a "treat". value 2.19

Bar Bar-easy snacking bark bars are all natural cookie bar dog treats in fun retro packing that's designed to look like a human candy bar. (ours is Carob flavor, is full size at 1.5 oz and package is TOO cute) value 1.29

Emergency Pet Rescue Sticker- Alerts emergency personnel and others that an important member of your family is at home and needs to be rescued. We have a couple of these but it never huts to add more to another window. value- I did not assign a value to this because you can get them free from the ASPCA

Also included was a pamphlet from Green Dog Naturals describing their different products and supplements. Also was a $4 coupon on ANY Green Dog Naturals Product and a $3 coupon for the Complete calm specifically. and a information card like most boxes send (although my product information card indicated we would be getting a baby duck with squeaker as our toy of the month not the orange fuzzy man...but Miss Libby is happy with her fuzzy man so that's OK)

 totaled this box was worth $9.79 not including the rescue sticker or high value coupons. The full price cost of this box is $10 a month, but I paid $5 for this box. I do feel like I got my money's worth and found some products I would have never found on my own and will likely purchase on my own if the dogs are happy with them(even if I had paid the full $10 for this box I would still be  quite happy with the value in this box) I will likely use the coupons as well which adds another $7 value (although as stated that is not reflected in the box value because I understand not everyone will use the coupon and you have to spend money to use it)


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