Friday, April 19, 2013

Olio Luxe April Box (new monthly subscription box)

This is an up and coming Indy company that focus on all natural skin care. I have been following the journey of this small creation on Facebook for awhile trying to decide if I wanted to take the plunge on a box that I haven't see reviews of and an unknown company. (I don't even remember how I stumbled across it at this point)

I finally decided to just go for it after a few very positive interactions with the FB page and seeing some happy customers post on FB about their products. Olio Luxe is not just a sub box company they also have a complete line available for purchase on their website OLIO LUXE.

One of the small personal touches that I like so much (but scares some people from what I have seen on the bigger blogs) is that although you can purchase the product line through the web page you have to contact Amanda directly (the creator of the line and I must say a very sweet lady) She wants to know about her sub box subscribers personally so she knows what their individual concerns are as well as your preferences.

As you all know by now I have several autoimmune illnesses that amung other things cause rashes , sun sensitivity and very sensitive skin...and that is the number one reason OLIO LUXE appeals to me. During my texting "consultation" with Amanda I mentioned my auto immune issues and my concerns  she mentioned that she too has some auto immune problems and that was what drove her to create this line. I can tell she is VERY passionate about her work.

   Ok all of this above was my thoughts and imoressions BEFORE I had EVER laid eyes on a box, or smelleled the intoxicating armoma that came out of the package when I opened it today....

So let's start from getting the package in the mail today, it was an adorable Aqua Bubble envelop. I thought it was brilliant to use a color no one else was using to send out her boxes, as just another way to set herself apart from the competion. (side note since my blog colors are usually pink and aqua, you KNOW that I just had to do this unboxing on a pink background)

The Theme OF the Olio Luxe Box this month was "favs & bestsellers"
all boxes included the following :

Rose Gold Luxe Facial oil .10 oz (the full size of this item is .25 oz and is $25 so I will give this sample a $12 value for review purposes) Rose Gold oil is a fantastic, anti aging, skin-soothing, moisturizing & repairing oil. This leaves a (surprisingly) non greasy glow that improves skin's texture & appearance. My skin is SOOO soft right now (and YES, those are little flecks of gold in the bottle)
Directions: apply several drops of Rose Gold to face and Neck after a normal cleansing once or twice daily 
I have only used this once and I am convinced, I never thought putting OIL ONTO my skin would be the way to go, but WOW!!!

Summer Jasmine perfume stick full size ($10)

the ingredents in this perfume is cococonut oil, grapeseed oil, natural floral waxes, candellila wax, essential oils, cocoa butter and lanolin....that's it...and as you see... "ALL NATURAL"
I must confess this was the one product that scared me a bit because I am very allergic to the vast majority of perfumes especially floral ones...GUESS WHAT, no asthma attack from wearing this, I am not sure what the scent other than Jasmine is but i LOVE it. I can't remember the last time I was able to wear a perfume without doing research to see if I was allergic to it....I see myself getting any and all Miss Amanda over at Olio Luxe has to offer...I am very excited about this!!!

Up next was a mini pedi kit for one time use (value $5.00)
this came with a foot soak , mini loofah, and a lemongrass and sage oil. This packet also was just adorable the way it was put together  Also included was instructions on how to use the soak and oil seperatly or combined your choice.(I honestly do not know which foot soak it was she has a couple of bath soak products on her site...but it smelled divine, maybe a hint of mint?)

which brings us to the SHINE Luxe lip balm in Vanilla Luxe. Full sized product (value$ 6.00)
My hubby and I are both lip balm fanatics and very brand loyal, BUT as soon as I opened my package even before I started taking pictures I applied this lip balm because know if you SEE a lip balm your lips suddenly "need" some lip balm...I Like the way this coats, softens and moisturizes and the scent is just a subtle hint....which is good because you KNOW my hubby grabbed it and tried it as well (he did at least let me finish my pictures first. He and I both really enjoy this balm, I am actually going to try this one everyday until it is gone without using my old lip balm (even on chemo days when my lips get so dry they start splitting) I want to see how it holds up.... I am thinking I will not be dissatisfied.

last but not least is a tin of Olio Luxe Apothecary Salve .25oz (the full size is .5oz and is $ I give this sample a $7 value for review purposes)This little tin of multipurpose salve is a medicine cabinet MUST HAVE for anyone. you can apply this to dry skin, eczema,bug bites or minor abrasions. Apply as often as needed. Being a country girl AND a nurse, I have log known the benefits of a good multi purpose salve or ointment. Having a 22 month old that falls ALOT, I do believe we will be needing a bigger size of this for all of his "boo boos" 

Now that we have gone through what was in the box, I would like to show you how creative and cute this box was packaged and presented....I am not kidding when I say it was the best "box" ever for design and attention to detail... above was the box as it looked when I pulled it out of the packing envelope and protective wrapping

this is after the products were removed, since her "box design" was an adorable flower pot made from square pails and included "potting soil from paper" as a filler and a cute hand made spring flower attached to the "flower pot".... can not tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS

The Olio Luxe box sales for $22 and by my calculations this box had $40 value JUST in products, but this adorable flower pot box SHOULD count for something too

The website to order any products or to purchase a one time box is Olio Luxe Website

I also HIGHLY recomend stopping by her face book page so you can see her many other creations and others who post about their love of this product Olio Luxe facebook

If you want to subscribe to this box monthly (like I have) you will need to contact Amanda directly. If you just post on her Facebook page she will give you her phone number to go from there, I do believe the phone number is on the website as well.

PLEASE do NOT let the fact that Olio Luxe is a small indy company stop you from trying these amazing products, I can almost guarantee you WILL be happy if you just give them a try.



  1. this looks GREAT, I need to find out how to get one... is it too late for April's box (the one shown here?)

    1. I actually just read this afternoon that April was sold out, but most of the products i my review are available on the website for individual purchase and I would recommend getting on the list early for May's box.... I know that I personally will be ordering 2 at least in May (one for me and one for my mom for mother's day)