Thursday, April 18, 2013

HUGE discount code for the Honest Company

The Honest Company Essentials bundle Or Diaper bundle
 Select 5 products for $35.95 a month plus $5.95 shipping (they also have a diapers bundle for $79.95 a month) BUT this price drops with discount can try the essentials bundle for just $21.93 but the offer expires this month so hurry up!!!
 Use coupon code"PLUMDISTRICT40" to save 40% off your first box! (expires 4/30)
Safe and eco-friendly cleaning, bath and body products. (Plus products for mom, kids and baby too!)

This year is a year of change for me and trying new things,  one of the things I vowed to try was a more natural line up of products. This is my first bundle but honestly, after the 40% discount it is only $21.91.... you KNOW you are going to spend that on cleaning suplies anyway ... In my bundle I ordered laundry detergent, dryer sheets, floor cleaner, multi surfance cleaner and dishwasher pods.... I am curious to see how they work...and as always YOU CAN CANCEL if you don't like it or if the "full price" is too much for your budget but you should at least give it a shot for $20... YOU pick your 5 items they have everything from baby bottles to toilet cleaner...give it a shot, not likely gonna find the price this low again (trust me, I have been waiting on a great deal to try them out)

click here for the honest website, this will take you to the bundles, make sure you use code "PLUMDISTRICT40" YOU GET 40% OFF THAT WAY AND i GET REFERRAL CREDIT...A WIN/WIN

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