Health Activist Writer's challenge day 9 (parenting with chronic illness)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Today’s prompts:
  • As a parent with health conditions or parent to a child(ren) with health conditions, what do you hope you’re doing right?

Well, that's kinda the whole point of this blog....all about parenting with the dragon.

I know that I have to do things differently than most, and certainly different from how I parented my girl's when I was "a normal mom" years ago.

I spend much more time with my son than most moms, that goes without saying... I am unable to get out into the "real world" because of my very compromised immune system (from my meds) so I spend all day every day at home with the exception of Dr appointments and a visit to my parents house a couple times a month. I know my son will benefit from the one on one time with me, and is actually already speaking on a 4 yr old level (he isn't quite 2 yet) we work on vocabulary, counting, shapes...he is learning so much...BUT....

I know my son needs interaction with the outside world, and unfortuantly I personally can not provide that...this is where my hubby, daughters and extended family come take him to the park, to kiddie amusement places, playdates...all the things I WISH that I could do....

Also my son learned at a very early age that if mommy is "in bed" then we MUST adjust our play activities accordingly....he knows that sometimes mommy just can't do certain things and has adapted wonderfully...perhaps because it is the only thing he knows...I do hate that he has to adapt for me though

My biggest fear is that as he gets older he will be resentful of never having a "normal" mommy, especially because his sisters did when they were little... I fear he will wish a "normal" person had adopted him instead of me.... My family tells me that this fear is irrational, but it's there no matter what....

That being said, my girls have commented that they envy the time I spend with my son because as a "normal" mommy I was unable to spend that much time with my girls, between working, girl scouts, sports, dance, gymnastics, choir and theater....we just didn't have the quality one on one time that I will always be able to have with my it's a trade off....

I think I am a BETTER mom now than I was when the girls were little, perhaps because I can appreciate it all so much more now that I understand how precious life is.... I know that I will not be able to do MANY things throughout the years that I want to do , but that is where my family/my support network comes into play...what I CAN"T do they CAN....

In some aspects, perhaps he will have the best of both thing is for certian no one on this planet is more loved than my little guy, I have been given a second change "a do over" in the parenting department.... I am taking full advantage of it, all those things that you look back o when your kids grow up and say "I wish I had..." well... I get that chance now, my kids are 20 years apart in age and yes, he will never have the "sibling" best friend that my daughters have....but his sisters spoil him rotten and love him beyond reason...he will have an incredible relationship with them and he has cousins (actually 2nd cousins) his age...just as I did growing up (my sis and I are 10 yrs my cousins were my siblings...they will be he as well)

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