Saturday, April 27, 2013

Health Activist writer's Challenge Day 7 (crazy things you have heard about your illness)

Today’s Prompts:
  • Say WHAT!? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition? Where did you hear it and what did you think?

You know one of the things about having a disease as rare as Still's is  you really don't hear ANYTHING about it really....

that being said on our various support groups you read LOTS of things that make you shake your head...

I think the biggest misconception is that this disease has a doesn't  PERIOD...anyone who tells you otherwise is LYING to you likely for personal gain

I hate seeing the newly diagnosed chasing after a cure that some crazy quack has sold them on, these range from changing your diet (which won't hurt but also will not cure you), taking some "secret" elixer that they say the medical community is hiding from you for their own profit., but the most ludicrus I have ever heard was a chiropractor that promised a cure by removing your own blood passing it through a black light, or ultra violet light and then putting it back into your body via infusion....seriously...crazy, wore yet people BELIEVE it and spend their hard earned money on this treatment because they are desperate for a cure...

This really all goes back to my previous posts about education and awareness  if people were able to find information on Still's on their own and the government acknowledged this disease perhaps those who suffer from it would not be scammed by those looking to make a buck from someone else's suffering.

For those of you with Still's PLEASE make sure that you discuss all treatment with your rheumatoligist before jumping in. I would hate to see someone make themselves worse while trying to get better.

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