Friday, April 12, 2013


today as I sat in the passenger seat as hubby drives me for my infusion we have no choice but to drive past TMS.... my reaction to the traffic and lines and lines of RVs... sobbing tears, I HATE this...anyone who knows me personally knows that I belong THERE, with the others like me.... true NASCAR fans, I NEED to smell the burning rubber and smell the gasoline as much as I NEED the infusion I am going to right now... my biggest passion in life is motor sports, yet sadly I have spent the last couple years watching at home.... I hate that I have to give up something I love so much, something that is part of my daughter's childhood, things that created the bond between my daddy and I.... but no racing for me this weekend....but you bet your ass I will be rocking my Jimmie Johnson gear head to toe in that infusion center....somebody eat a corn dog for me, K...

 I just discovered Jelly Belly belly flops" how did I not know these existed....yumm and CHEAP

I received my honest company delivery today and my wittlebee delivery...LOVE the clothes, BUT only 5 items instead of 6 (looks  like I am missing a top piece of a two piece outfit) I emailed them but most of you know it takes a few days to get a response

On that subject my most recent email from Pawalla sounds like me might get out boxes after all (they sent $60 worth of pet boxes to my billing  address, not my shipping address....and I can't get those boxes...a first they basically was "your SOL" nothing we can go. So after I reviewed the Paw box I emailed Pawalla a link and said "I was comparing boxes this month" please see the notes on my account is THIS REALLY what review you want me to give you? because without a products ($60 worth) all I can review is the customer the most recent email kinda hints at my "boxes  are on their way" so I do hope this means they decided to do the correct thing and send the boxes I ordered ..because originally it was "no box, and no refund, and no credit to the account" when I talked to them they truly told me "sorry, no refunds and there is nothing we can do "....I will wait until the end of the month to do their review...hopefully they can redeem themselves

Sorry this is so short tonight ya'll, I had a double treatment (biologic and chemo) so I am heading back to bed now... I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!!!



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