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Conscious Box is a discovery box for those who are wanting to "dip their toes" in to the eco friendly/green lifestyle and for those who have already embraced a greener way of life as well. For 19.95 a month (that includes shipping) you will get a combination of deluxe samples as well as full size products of some of the best enviromentaly conscious and all natural products available on the market. They offer a classic box of green, health products, a vegan box and a gluten free box as well. I currently am subscribed to the classic box (but for some reson my April box didn't ship this month but their excellent customer service team has a replacement on the way) The box we are looking at today is one of their "bonus" boxes, a mystery box available as a one time purchase in addition to monthly subscription or to those who don't want to commit to a subscription but would like to try the box. This is the "Earth Day" Mystery Bonus box. I believe it sold for 19.99 ( I used a discount code and paid $10, I will as always list codes at the bottom of this review) Ok... on to the goodies...

This was my "first look" at this completely full busting at the seams box. The first thing I noticed was how heavy it was...I always like a heavy box...

every conscious box comes with a nature postcard, I tend to like them a lot. I keep saying I am going to get the stuff to make framed art from them to fill in some places on my walls...need to get on that...

CUPPOW- this genius little product turns mason jars into travel cups just put the device between the glass and the screw on rim.... basically turning old jars into your own Starbucks cup... I happen to have a lot of jars left over from a Christmas gift project. I absolutely LOVE this and want more.

Sahale snacks- glazed nuts in pomegranate and vanilla glazed nuts. I haven't tried these yet but I am looking forward to them as en evening "med time" snack. These sound yummy and I have a feeling I will like them "too much"

Rock in Green laundry detergent in "classic rock" - I thought this was just for cloth diapers BUT it says you can use it on "normal" laundry to get rid of built up minerals and left over detergent. I guess I will give it a try as part of this "box kick" I am on right now is all about trying new things and that includes going outside my comfort zone.

Crum Creek Mills -Brilliantly Blended certified organic soy nut mix- I actually can't eat this product. I have a soy allergy and I CAN eat "some" soy products without major problems we have discovered over the years that "straight soy" is my main "trigger" so I just avoid it all together when possible. I know soy is used as a filler in a lot of products and sometimes it bother me and sometimes it doesn't it seems to depend on the % of soy involved....anyways, my oldest daughter happily tried these for me so I could review them. She says they are "really good" and wants to know where she can buy more of them...I need to make myself a note to look that up for her.

Peeled snacks- apple clusters (berry crunch flavor)- this packet has my little guy's name written all over it. He loves these type snacks and I love that he seems to prefer healthy snacks when given a choice.

Pamela's Products- wheat free & gluten free chocolate brownie mix- I will admit I have never tried a gluten free brownie, but I am up for trying anything these days as long as it doesn't involve using my epi-pen (like the above soy nuts would have) I look forward to trying these as I admit to being a "carb junkie" The true test will be to see if my youngest daughter likes them she is my brownie lover and my baking buddy.

Freekeh Foods Inc- (ancient grains for modern times) all natural Freekeh roasted green wheat- while I have "heard" of this before to my knowledge I have not eaten it (but I eat a lot of middle eastern food so I may have and not known it) My oldest and I were going through the box together and this seemed to call to both of us (again with the love of carbs). It seems that you cook it similar to couscous from what I can tell.... I will look forward to planing a middle eastern type meal with this as the main attraction.

Lush Nuts-handcrafted sweetly coated peanuts in dark cocoa chili flavor.... all I can say is YUMMM...need a bigger bag, this is on my "to find" list I absolutely love the combination of dark chocolate and chili, it is one of my favorite flavor profiles and a little portion packs big satisfaction so it's a perfect snack.

 Teeccino-Maya Herbal coffee in chocolate organic dark roast naturally caffeine free- I am a huge coffee drinker and have actually been trying to add some caffeine free coffee into my rotation because since I don't often drink soda (other than ginger ale on chemo days) My only source of caffeine is typically coffee...although with the Texas summer coming up I think I will be switching to iced tea too (should look for a caffeine free iced tea too)

Good Nature-be tea, I will admit I don't know "a lot" about teas, I DO like hot teas and have a few I keep on hand for my keurig when I get the urge. My oldest daughter is actually my tea lover (like she uses whole leaf tea and stuff like that) I am sure she will be happy to try this one out.

***Also included were some high value coupons (B1G1) on Happy Squeeze pouches and $1.50 off Seventh Generation products,while I typically do not include coupon in my box reviews, I did this time...  I will happily use both coupons as my little guy loves pouches when we are in the car and I am trying to switch to more all natural products so the seventh generation is a welcome coupon to try some new products.***

As you can see there was a LOT in this box. I am very pleased with the Conscious box mystery box for Earth Day. Even if I had paid the full retail of $19.95 for this box I would have been happy but at $10 I am pretty  pleased right now. I like that most of the products were food/snacks because well.... I like food.... I am loving the little lid thing for the mason jars and genuinely am looking forward to trying all the products in the box (other than the soy nuts that my daughter very much enjoyed) I didn't do a cost break down on this box, because when I get a "mystery/bonus box" I go into it knowing I may not get my money's worth all though THIS time I most certainly DID get my $10 worth and then some... I may actually go back in and do a cost breakdown out of curiosity because I am very happy with this box.


Did you get the Mystery Box/ Earth Day box? If so what did you get in yours? Do you subscribe to conscious box, and what is your favorite eco-friendly/green box?

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