Saturday, April 27, 2013


 OK, so let's get into this box, first up we have Green Giant Multi Grain sweet potato chips with sea salt,it reminds me of the plain but salted sunchips... I LOVE this chip, I will be looking for a full sizes bag soon

Next up is a $50 Wine Gift Card to use a, It appears the will ship to texas, or at least when I typed in Texas it didn't shout "oh no" can't do that.... If I can actually use this for $50 worth of wine I will be very happy, I no longer drink because chemo patients can't drink....but it will make some great gifts.If I am able to purchase the wine I will add it to the review.

 Next item up is Angie's classic Sweet&salty kettle corn. My husband and my youngest daughter (Kitty Kat) love this stuff... they will be fighting over who gets this, I have no doubt

The Zone perfect bar, it really says it's chocolate chip cookie dough flavored, my guess is we will have a free for all regarding this one last person standing gets the cookie dough.
 The truebar by bakery on main gourmet naturals this is an apricot almond Chai bar with nothing to hide...this belongs to the princess...she has a chai obsession so she can have this and tell me about it

Olomama be nutty Mango chiptole Zinger Almonds, not gonna lie...these are mine, I may share one or two but this is the type of thing I love
Next we haveCelsius sparkling orange 12 oz drink (it appears to be like an energy drink) this will go to one of the girls, they like energy drinks...they are in their early 20s and their hearts can take it.

I honestly do not to a price breakdown on these boxes, I defiantly feel like I got my $7.00 worth, I haven't tried any of this before so it was a true discovery box for me...if that wine card works this little $7 box could easily end up being the highest value box all month, since that is $50 in wine

So tell me, did you like this box, it was #9, what box # did you get and how did it differ from this box? Iam always intregued to know how the box varies and how they decided who gets what. Tell me about your Goodies Co box

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