Tuesday, April 16, 2013

APRIL WITTLEBEE BOX REVIEW boys size 3T (+ discount offer)

 For those who don't know Wittlebee is a monthly (you can pause the service anytime you want) kids clothing club and they send clothes based style / color / size preferences. The service caters towards kids 5 and under and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Wittlebee costs $39.99/monthly (boxes have a retail value of $100)  The box comes with 6 items of clothing (as of mid March you now can choose 3 of the items yourself from the "showroom" and their stylists pick the other 3 items. You can also request that the stylist still pick all 6 of the items if you prefer) I choose 3 items and had 3 picked for me. Wittlebee has had some growing pains recently simply because their "boxes" sold much faster and had many more subscribers than they had anticipated. Through it all Wittlebee has maintained excellent customer service and things are finally getting on track again to the Wittlebee we had before the growing pains.... I will say it right now I LOVE THIS BOX, and I love this company most of the time.

I had ordered 3 pair of shorts as my 3 pics and couldn't wait to see why they would choose for me

These are Kenneth Cole size 3T shorts (just adorable) and one of the items I picked. Tuff stuff has already wore these and I must say he was just too cute!

these are a 3T pair of Kid's headquarters shorts, again I picked this pair as well ( I l9ke plaid shorts for my little man can you tell)

this is a pair of 3T US Polo Assn shorts that I picked as well (when they said polo brand I had assumed Ralph Lauren, but I still LOVE these anyways) they are long shorts which I like, I really can't explain it but I just like my little guy in longer shorts.

This is the obligatory Threadless T we get in all WB boxes it seems, although this one is really cute with an octopus "dressed" like a pirate...too cute. I know a lot of people on the WB swap group are wanting this shirt so I felt lucky to have got it.
OK, this is where I am disappointed  this is the top piece to a 2 pc the littlest sparrow set (I didn't get the bottom piece in my box, if you count this is only 5 items...although WB is already shipping me the bottoms to this littlest sparrow set . I will update the review when I get that piece and show the full collection and that is when I will do the prices on each piece as well.

If you want to get your own wittlebee box wittlebee<---- click here, as you can see YES they forgot to send me one piece, but did put in in the mail the same day I called them. Their email customer services is great!!! If you sign up under my link you will automatically get $10 off your first box and I will get $10 off my next box as well...so I thank you in advance...at $39.99 a month (plus the $10 off for using my referral link bringing it to $29.99 a month) you really can't beat it...6 pieces of designer kid's clothes for about $5 each piece using the referral discount link...so go ahead and do it, you CAN afford designer kid's clothes for just $5 each item.... you can cancel ANYTIME, or chose to skip any months you want to do (I usually get a few boxes going in to summer and a few going into winter and then skip everything else. So even if you just do the discounted box just "skip" any months until say back to school clothes or whatever. sizes are newborn to size 7 boys and girls.

***I promise to update actual retail value and the completed littlest sparrow set this week, we have severe weather coming and I have satelitte internet so I wanted to get some posts scheduled incase my internet goes out, I had planned on not doing this review until the missing piece had been delivered but with the storms coming I felt I needed to get some posts up..***


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