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The theme this month was Weird, Wild & wonderful food with Andrew Zimmerman. I was a little concerned/excited we might get some "weird" stuff like he has on his show but nothing weird here. It all looks yummy. As usual the box included an information card listing the contents of the box and a brief description of the yumminess.

This was the first look in the box, for such a small box they amaze me at how many things they stuff inside here every month...and honestly there is one item in this box I do not think will make it through the night, mamma wants it now!!! OK, so let's check out the box.....

on the left is the Smoky Chili & Lime chickpea snacks from the good bean, these are crunchy, roasted chickpeas seasoned with Spanish smoked paprika, Mexican chipotle chili, and a squeeze of lime juice (as much as I want to dig in to these, I am saving them for the Yankee, he LOVES smoked paprika and this is the first time I have ever seen a snack listing that as part of the flavor profile so these have his name written all over it....maybe I can get a bite or two)

On the right you have: Mini Pops : Air popped Sorghum grain from mini pops, a crunchier and tinier tasty treat similar to popcorn. These mini grains have a buttery flavor with all natural ingredients. I am a popcorn fanatic, and I hear these are everything I love about popcorn without the hulls I hate....this is mine!!!!

Next up: J J's Sweets Cocomels, the original coconut milk caramels. They are all natural, dairy free, gluten free, GMO free Vegan....AND DELICIOUS .. I ate 1 of the two already it was the original the other is sea salt and I can't wait to try it.. I highly suggest checking them at at and order some for your, there are so many flavors but I suggest the sea salt

this is Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip from Buff Lo Dip, Buffalo wing sauce meets ranch dressing in this creamy dip that adds zip to chips, veggies, pizza and even burgers (this is the item I can't promise that I won't eat it all tonight)

Ok, the pictures over there to the left and right is of Organic fennel pollen from pollen ranch.hand collected, from the wild, a sprinkle of this very aromatic seasoning adds unique flavor for sweet and savory dishes both, Actually Love With Food is doing a contest with fennel pollen recipes, I think I may try one with veal, that sounds pretty                            yummy.

next up we have "oloves" lemony lover pitted green olives with lemon,garlic,oregano,and no preservatives The Yankee and the Princess can fight it out over these...I think they are gross. I hate all olives so which ever of them see's it first get's it

and the final item in the box is salty pepper nuggets from summersault snacks, crunchy crackers made with sunflower seeds, toasted grains,and a savory touch of garlic, onion, salt & pepper.... I can't wait to try these (maybe with that buffalo ranch dip)

The love with food box is just $12 a month (includes shipping) link <--- click here to order the box, there is also a box on the right hand side of my blog you can click it will take you to the same place if you enter code "YUMMY" it will take $5 off your order, bringing it down to $7.

I love this box, my husband loves this box, Tuff Stuff even loves this box....that's a lot of snack they pack inti that little box (as it is busting at the seams)


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