April The fancy Tyler Florence box review, also a review of customer service for the Fancy

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I have been waiting for forever it seems for this box... I know I signed up the day they announced they were launching a Tyler Florence Box even though I had never had a desire to get one of their celeb boxes before this.

Anyone who knows me already knows this BUT, the kitchen is my "therapy" room.... stressed then BAKE, Happy then create new recipes, sad then cook one of granny's recipes...this was the box designed for me and my love affair with my kitchen...

I don't know if I have ever anticipated a box quite like this...

so let's see what I got...

First up was a signed copy of  Tyler's book "fresh",-$35.00 (I am sure you can find the hardback book which is what this is a bit cheaper but this is signed by Tyler himself so I will say at least $35.... I was very happy to see this included, I had assumed we would get a copy of the book but the autograph was a unexpected surprise and bonus.
 Knuckle Meat pounder $15.00 -this is a meat tenderizer that you wear like brass knuckles...although I doubt I will use this method my hubby might enjoy it. I can see where this would be a fun gadget for a lot of people (my hands just can not make a fist most days so I don't think even if I wanted to use this that I could)

Pluck egg yolk extractor-$13.00 evidently some people need a gadget to separate eggs...it says you hold this over the yolk and it squeezes it right up...Personally I separate eggs with my hands and I would NOT use this because it would be another item to clean after cooking...perhaps if you don't like to get your hands dirty.... I am not sure I even know someone I can gift this to without offending them...perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is that my family takes cooking to be near religion...I just do not like this item

Sparq Whiskey Stones-$20.00- I actually DO like the whiskey rocks but they have been in past fancy boxes...I again, like them...will defiantly use them or gift it and either way they will be used and happily used at that... I do not think they really were what I expected in this particular box (but that was my own misconceptions and desires)

I actually received this box about a week ago, I decided to hold off on the review until I had time to think about it because my initial reaction was not a very happy one...I didn't want to give a review that was based on emotion so I gave it a week...

Since I have had time to calm down a bit and think about it, I actually kinda like everything other than the egg separator. Although this isn't what I personally wanted in the box I realize it is a box curated by Tyler Florence not a chef box which is where my dissapointment came in...I WANTED a chef box but that was NEVER what was advertised or really what should have been expected....

I really can see Tyler picking these items himself and using them (I do like that he tells what he likes about the items on the cards) It reflects HIS personality and individual style...which is what this box is all about

So, given all of that I DO like the Tyler Florence Box even if it wasn't what I personally wanted to see...

The retail value of this box was $83, which is obviously greater than the $39 for the regular price of this box. I used a coupon code to order the box and paid about $22 so I had a far greater value than I paid (actually the book alone paid for the box and everything else was just "extras" really

This is where I would normally add a link to the company to purchase a box for yourself BUT as I just discovered when I went to get my referral link...my account is once again deactivated ...this tremds to happen weekly and I am quite frankly sick of it...it is because there are multiple accounts using one IP address (I have adult children and a hubby...are my adult daughters expected to share an account with their mommy?)

I am quite irritated this time as you can tell...The customer service over their is terrible and I am sick of begging them to allow me to spend my money on their website... I get 3 boxes a month from them.... I am very sure another company would LOVE to have my repeat business for 3 sub boxes every single month (actually 4 because I had planned on getting the new Jennifer Love Hewitt box as well) Yet even though I am literally BEGGING them to let me to continue to give them my money the people on the other end are rude and disrespectful...I find it hard to believe that in the middle of a recession I have to beg to be allowed to make SUBSCRIPTION purchases that are guaranteed monthly revenue for the fancy especially considering the number of boxes I purchase as well as reviewing the box and basically providing free advertising...

At this point I have asked to be contacted by a supervisor from the Fancy and the outcome of this will determine if I continue to receive any boxes from The Fancy in the future.... just think what I could do with that extra money (roughly 40 bucks plus shipping for each box would be 160 a month plus shipping and I have to BEG them to allow me to spend that money on their website... I could add a heck of a lot of other subs for that amount and they would be HAPPY to have me)

sorry no link today because I can't provide it and no discount code because I quite frankly do not know if I want to continue to promote this company.

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  1. Good review and honest. I value that above all else. have you tried treatsie