Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I was very happy this morning to discover my the Fancy food Box waiting at my front door after dropping my son off at a play date over at my cousin's house (again, THANK YOU Manda!!!, this mamma defiantly needed some down time)

I know it seems MOST people get their the Fancy boxes at the beginning of the month but evidently when your boxes is determined on what day of the month (any month) you placed your original order with them....so I get my boxes at the end of the month...except my Tyler Florence box no one has received that one yet although I was told by the Fancy when I emailed for an update last week that the box would ship this week...so it sounds like I will actually get THAT box when everyone else does...
One of the things about getting my box so late in the month is I have already seen A LOT of reviews of the box so I kow what is coming, although the Fancy threw me a curve ball on that one this month...one of the items I was most looking forward to was not in my box but had something else in it's place... I haven't decided how I feel about that yet....

OK on to my goodies....

Stem Citrus Spritzer - $4.99

I have actually been wanting one of these, but just never remembered I wanted it until I "needed" a few squirts of lemon juice. This will be used and used often for sure.  We actually use a lot of fresh lemon and limes in our cooking and with my hands being what they are sometimes I can't use the press we have, I am hoping this will be easier for me...it just occurred to  me I can do oranges too... oh yes, gonna love this one for sure.

Dave's Madagascar vanilla coffee syrup- $ 10.99

I can't wait to try this over some ice cream or to make some frozen coffee here at home and perhaps a  tiramisu even, ohhhh the ideas running around in my head right now are endless..YUMM. I have actually been looking at this particular brand for awhile now and just never got around to ordering it. As most of you know I am a coffee addict and anytime I can get a new way to feed my coffee addiction I jump on it.

Charlito's cocina- Dry cured black truffle sausage 6 oz -$13.99
this says it is seasoned with black truffles and mineral rich sea salt, I am not a big sausage lover but I am sure I will give it a try perhaps on a fruit and cheese tray with some crackers. This is the product that was a "surprise" as every box I saw reviewed from this month had a prosciutto type ham in it instead, not gonna lie... I wanted that prosciutto and had already made plans to cook with it...hopefully I will like this so much it makes up for my disappointment. In looking for a price on this sausage I did see it won best new product awards in 2012 so it must be pretty yummy.

Divine Brine Pickle relish- $ 4.00
I actually LOVE relish, actually all things pickles (sweet, dill and sour and any other variety you can think of) I am excited to try this brand, I have read some reviews and it is supposed to be amazing stuff. When I was pulling the items out of the box and taking the pics my daughter was like "oh yea, pickle relish" she inherited my love affair with all things pickles (actually maybe all food/sauces vinegar based period) We do a lot of grilling in the spring and summer here in Texas because it's just too hot to cook inside so i am thinking this won't last too long in my house.

Zoe's chocolate company chocolate pretzel bar- $7.50
First off this is dark chocolate, secondly it has sea salt in it and sprinkled on top of it plus crunchy pretzles...what is not to love? I think I have shown incredible will power to have not even opened it yet when I have been alone with no kids for the last 5 hours...oh, but it WILL be mine....yes, this has my name written all over it (I apologize for the bad picture, it had a glare no matter what I did)

Mina Harissa mild- $8.95
This is a Moroccan red pepper sauce...I don't think I have ever tried harissa, surprisingly considering we like to try new things. I do love siracha and I am assuming they are similar (but I could be wrong, who knows) I will defiantly be trying this out perhaps with a chicken dish along with the Freekeh I received in my conscious mystery box. I am already planning this meal in my head (one of the reason I love these food boxes is trying new things and getting inspired to cook out side of the ordinary)

Bobbysue's orginal nuts- $3.49
I have heard about these, but have yet to try them for myself. It is a mixture of baked almonds, cashews and pecans. Savory and not too sweet "with an exotic blend of nature's favorite ingredients according to the company website. I look forward to trying them out, but I think my hubby will like them more than I do...I don't like sweet popcorn or sweet nuts usually I am all about the savory (even my chocolate, like that sea salt and pretzel bar above...yes, it is calling my name)

As usual with all the Fancy boxes the do not send an "information" sheet but actually send little individual cards for each product and for the food box they include recipe cards as well (although 2 of my recipe cards were the same, I am curious which card I am missing...need to research that..does anyone include the recipe cards in their reviews? Maybe in the future I should do that?

The value of this box was $53.91, the regular cost of this box is 39.99 plus shipping of 7.95. I think MOST of you know that the Fancy ALWAYS has coupon codes out there though I used a code for $25 off so I only paid $21.95 for this box (that was a very good deal in my eyes, I am totally loving the fancy and all of the boxes I have received  and they have such a wide variety (the regular fancy box (you pick the categories and they take it from there, the food box, Tyler Florence box (hopefully I will get that box this week too), Ashton Kutcher's box, Pinks's box and CoCo Rocha's box..so they have something for everyone)

If you want to check out the Fancy site or order your own box use this link ----> the Fancy even if you don't decide to purchase a box you can just "play around" on the website it's kinda like pinterest but without the "how to's" and I can get lost on the site for hours not shopping, but looking at all the cool stuff.

the current fancy discount code is "20OFF14" it appears they have changed their coupon codes from $25 off to $20 off, but I think it's still an awesome deal on any of their boxes or any single item for purchase on the site.

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  1. I always check this site when shopping online to see if there is Things remembered coupons that might save me some money either through a percentage off of my order or free shipping