Saturday, April 6, 2013


Potty Training Prep work (we will start on the 9th) 

We bought some Disney training undies and some multi colored boys fruit of the looms  to start with, I am still deciding if I will purchase pull ups at all. right now I am thinking I won't get them since I will be home all day anyway. We may as well and let accidents happen so he learns he doesn't like the feel of wet mickey mouse briefs too much . Thankfully we have an awesome Bissell steam machine, I have a feeling I will be using it a in the coming weeks (besides my couch and ottoman need a pretty deep cleaning as well.)  

I think I looked at more potty chairs than I did floor plans when building our house. I finally decided on the fisher price froggy potty chair for several reason,  he LOVES frogs, it is supposed to be good as a splash guard for boys, it seems like it would be easily cleaned, and it was inexpensive. If this potty works well enough I will buy a couple more. I want one in the master bath, in the living room and at my parent's house so it was pretty important to find a potty that we liked but also was inexpensive enough to purchase several if it worked out... if this is "not the potty for us" then I will purchase another one and try it out and go from there.... I don't remember the girl's being picky about potty chairs but I hear boys are a little more picky...

daddy went today to pick up the items needed for a potty chart or two, toy prizes, stickers, M&M's, skittles, animal crackers and jelly beans. I think we may add some Popsicles.

I will put together a "potty basket" with his favorite books, DVDs  and toys that he will now only be able to use when he is sitting on his potty. For now I think the potty will just go from room to room with us (I want it VERY close by at all times, with my mobility problems at times it isn't a good idea to have to climb over baby gates to get to the potty if ya know what I mean. Once I know this potty is a good fit as I said I will order a few more so we have them where needed.

I would welcome any suggestions or ideas on what worked or you, any apps for phone or tablet, DVDs, books, reward system things like that....



  1. how about the pull ups potty dance, elmo potty dvd and there is a potty watch that toddlers wear and every time it beeps they sit on the potty

  2. cute potty chair, perhaps get trainer underwear in a variety of his favirite characters