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I have to admit this is probably the box I was most excited for in March (even more than my boots!!!)
For those who don't know Wittlebee is a monthly (you can pause the service anytime you want) kids clothing club and they send clothes based style / color / size preferences. The service caters towards kids 5 and under and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Wittlebee costs $39.99/monthly (boxes have a retail value of $100)  The box comes with 6 items of clothing (as of mid March you now can choose 3 of the items yourself from the "showroom" and their stylists pick the other 3 items. You can also request that the stylist still pick all 6 of the items if you prefer) I choose 3 items and had 3 picked for me (although I think the next box I may allow them to pick all 6 for me because their picks were just so darn cute)

the first look at the goodies

Kate Quinn Organics sailboat hoodie 2pc pant set- I was not able to find this exact set on Kate Organics site or Amazon, but all of the similar ones were $32 for each piece (for a value of $64 on this set full retail value) I absolutely LOVE this outfit and I was irritated at first because living in TX I didn't want long sleeves this time of year, but the material is very light weight so it will be perfect until mid summer and even then he can wear it in the evenings outside (think family BBQ time) I actually think this is my favorite things in the box (and ironically it wasn't something "I picked out myself")

Threadless Irony short sleeve T shirt- the full retail price on this item on the Threadless website was $20.00. This is one of the items I picked myself from the "showroom feature" I have to admit it is completely adorable and I love the "irony" of the dinosaur playing an asteroid video game. This is Tuff Stuff's favorite item, in fact he picked this shirt to wear today as soon as he saw it he said "Rexie" ROAR!!! (for those who don't know Caillou has a stuffed T Rex named Rexie and my little guy loves to watch Caillou...although I can't stand that show....but that is a topic for another post)

Threadless Monkey Swing short sleeved T shirt-  The full retail price of this item on the Threadless website was $17.50. This is my second favorite item in the box (and again, not one I actually picked myself...see a trend here?) I adore this color of green and anyone who knows me can verify my obsession with tigers. I think it's adorable the "swing" is actually the monkeys holding the tiger up (yes, I am easily amused like that) I can't wait to see this on my little guy, I just know this color will look great on him.

Teddyboom short sleeved MVP Tee- I actually can not find this shirt anywhere on the internet other than the wittlebee site it's self (I assume it was a special order bulk price type thing) On Wittlebee it is currently listed in the "sales" portion of Wittlebee and priced at $8.99 so we will go with that price) I know sometimes Wittlebee has it's own "branded clothing I guess this one falls into that category) This was an item I picked from the "showroom" myself simply because my little man looks very good in this color of blue so I frequently purchase items in this color. I of course washed all the items before my little guy wears them. I will say that the embroidery work of the basketball outline "puckered" a bit after being washed and dried the one time and I wasn't real pleased about that (it isn't "ruined" or anything and I think ironing it might "fix the problem" but I WILL NOT iron a T-shirt for a 22 month old (dress clothes yes, but that's it unless it's "picture day"  This is the only item in the box I am unhappy with because of the "puckering" but since I picked it myself I have no one to blame other than myself.

Wittlebee brand Camo shorts- again this is a wittlebee branded shorts so I can oly find them on the Wittlebee site and they are priced at $4.99. This was an item I picked from the "showroom" myself. I chose these shorts because they were the only shorts available in the showroom at the time (you have 2 days to pick items from your showroom before they will "just pick for you". I was not expecting much from the looks of them on the website, but they are actually better than I had anticipated  My little guy often wears camo pants or shorts and these are made of a fleece material that is soft and durable so I am happy with them and I know he will get lots of wear out of them this summer.

This is all the items in the box, the full retail of this box was a whooping $115.48. The Wittlebee regular priced box is $ 39.99 a month but I used a discount code for this box and only paid $ 24.96 this month. As you can see even at the full price of $ 39.99 a box you defiantly get your money's worth and a whole lot more. This is not a box I get every month, but usually plan to purchase 4 to 6 times a year and we feel it's worth every penny. NOt only is it a GREAT value for your money there is no dragging a toddler around from store to store while you shop (which was the selling point for me to begin with since I am homebound)

Ok, so you want to know "how do "I" get this box and do you have a discount code...well of course I do, don't I always. Just click this link Wittlebee and you will automatically get $10 off your first box (this is an offer code for all of my readers and as of right now does not have an expiration date) 

No go, get your little one some cute new spring/summer clothes with the discount for my readers that is just $29.99 a box...and you are guaranteed a $100 value in your box by Wittlebee...go, go, go....

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  1. signing up right now, how adorable. i hope that irony T is available in an 18 months, oh and the sailboat set as well

    1. I LOVE wittlebee, sometimes I am not crazy about a couple of items but overall I feel it is a good value, plus since I am home bound and can't really "go shopping" it is a great way to get Tuff Stuff some cute new clothes without trusting hubby's taste.