Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes being disabled IS a full time job in it's self. Today is Thursday and every day this week I have had conference calls with at least one member of my disability management team (Long term disability insurance company) I knew from working in the medical field that after a year or so the LTD companies start to "play games" so I in theory knew it was coming. The "case managers" that have been so nice and helpful for the last year became like sharks overnight. Because stress and emotional things tend to make autoimmune diseases go into "flare" all this week has really accomplished was to make my symptoms worse which actually works in my favor I guess but to be honest I would rather not have a flare..... whether stress induced or disease induced a flare is a flare and it sucks no matter how you look at it. Today my temp is 103.8 and my joints are puffy and red (all normal symptoms of AOSD and they get worse in a flare) I am looking forward to this weekend when the Yankee is home to help with Tuff Stuff so I can climb into bed to rest and recover.... Chemo tomorrow afternoon followed by 2 days of bed rest should get me feeling back to my "normal" crappy self instead of this flare induced hell.

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