Monday, March 25, 2013

Julep Maven "Welcome Box" for new members (+ promo code)

Today I received my first box from Julep Maven (I was quite shocked how quickly it arrived, I just signed up last Friday and it is only Monday today...BIG points for prompt delivery on signup!!!)

When you sign up for Julep Maven Subscriptions you take a quiz to determine YOUR style (don't worry you can choose the "other" boxes for that month if you want. I was labeled "Classic with a twist, which actually sums up my beauty/fashion style very well. I did like that I was able to see "my box" for Classic with a twist as well as the other boxes  depending on what your "label" was after your quiz, it gives the option to choose any of the other boxes if you like them better (this is an option every month, I LOVE that I can see the produt in advance and choose between several options and pick the one I like best for that month. There is even one option that is NO nail polish which is really surprising since this is primarily a polish centered box as Julep is a company that sells high end nail polish. (all the options are:Classic, with a twist, It Girl, Bombshell, BOHO Glam,and Modern beauty...modern beauty is the option with no nail polish every month) Ok lets get on to the details and photos!!!

Cost 19.99 a month (although you can get the first box for just a penny, I will list those details at the bottom of this review)

This is the first peek into the box once I removed the info card shown above

OK...onto the products included and  value for each product

First up was the Julep brand Acetone-free conditioning nail polish remover (also included was a pump with a cover to put on the polish remover for one handed use.... since I have limited use of my hand I LOVE THIS FEATURE, it is always great and a big extra points for any company that provides items that make it easy on my right off the bat I am quite happy with this box experience) The retail value for this is $14.00

Julep maven nail polish color "Helen" which is a smokey pastel lavender creme (I didn't know if I would like this but actually I LOVE IT) Value $14.00
Julep Maven nail polish in color "Claudette" in a smokey brick red creme. (this is very pretty and not as red, red as I expected (has an orange red coloring which is surprisingly nice) Value $14.00

I apologize all pics I took of the polish the "Helen" color just didn't photograph well, but you can see it on the website as well (it really is beautiful)

 Julep Instant Warming foot scrub , this cucumber mint scented scrub warms up on contact like magic. Packed with natural pumice to exfoliate, chili pepper oil to stimulate circulation, and vitamin E to nourish. (it smells good enough to eat, I can't wait to try this) Value $22.00

There was also a small (once time use, maybe two ) sample packet of Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub. I estimate the value of this sample to be perhaps 25 cents (I do not put high value on samples unless it is a deluxe sized sample) I actualy am very interested in this hand scrub because I like the one Mary Kay used to have and have been looking for a replacement.

The retail Value of this box was $64.25 total so even if I had paid the full price of this box ($19.99) it would have been an incredible deal based on the full retail value of the products I received. That being said YOU KNOW that I  did not pay even $19.99 for this box because I do LOVE my discount codes!!! I actually paid only a PENNY for this box plus $2.99 shipping (for a total cost of $3.00 to receive almost $65.00 of products, and now ladies you can see why I am addicted to these type boxes)

OK so onto the info you REALLY want to know, you too can get this deal (and remember I chose this box from several selections that I listed above so if you don't like these colors or the non polish items, that's fine you can choose the box that YOU like)  Julep Maven, just click this link and in the box that ask for discount code or promotional code (I don't remember which it says) input the code "PENNY" and all of this can be yours for just ($3.00 including shipping costs)

Since this was my First box review PLEASE leave comments to let me know if there was something else you would like to see in the review that I didn't cover or if you would like the layout for the box reviews to llok differently. I look forward to the feedback from all of ya'll


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