Monday, March 18, 2013

Hi Ya'll,

So this is my first ever blog post (look at me getting all high tech) I will be working on improving the layout and look of the page as my daughters are around to help me. I thought I would make this first post just an introduction just to get that out of the way.

My name is Kimberlee, I am a 40 yr old full time mommy to my only son (Tuff stuff) he is 21 months old. My daughters are grown now. There is the Princess who is almost 22, the skater girl who is 20, and my Kitty Kat who is 19.  My son and my middle daughter are adopted. I have a 2 1/2 week old grandson (peanut) and a son in law who I lovingly call the idiot (he is my skater girl's hubby)

I am happily married to my hubby (the Yankee)  we live in a tiny town in North West Texas surrounded by fields and cattle. I was a nurse for almost 20 yrs before becoming disabled and unable to work about a year ago.

I have a few auto immune diseases. My primary diagnosis (and usually the only one I talk about) is Adult Onset Still's Disease (AOSD for short) The International Still's Foundation uses the dragon as the symbol for Still's so most of us who are "blessed" with this disease call ourselves dragon slayers (thus the name of my blog) I am on MANY medications and treatments including weekly chemo and monthly infusions.

This WILL NOT be a blog "about my illness" although because this blog will be about  my life as a wife and mommy there are times my illness will be included because it is part of my life for better or worse.

I am a monthly subscription box addict and there will be many, many posts about boxes, boxes and more boxes. I also am an avid baker and love to cook so you can expect lots of posts and recipes about my affair with my kitchen. Although I have 4 children I assume most of my posts will be about Tuff Stuff since he is "the baby" and my only little one...expect a lot of toddler posts.

I may not do things like all the other mom's because I have had to adapt my parenting and housekeeping style to my physical abilities but I do hope that perhaps this will show that a disabled parent can be just as good a parent as anyone else (and in some cases likley better) I hope to show other chronically ill mom's that life may not always be easy but it isn't impossible as long as you have a great sense of humor.....

Welcome to my life, hang on and enjoy the ride!!!!



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